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    Lifter condition?

    Good day, everyone: I've got an 77 FJ40 2F I've been working on -- replaced the cam and lifters a while back -- put about 1000 miles on since then --truck runs really well, idles nicely, lots of power. Was replacing the valve seals the other day and thought I'd go a little further and take...
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    Rods/lifters not rotating

    I've been slowly bringing a 77 FJ40 2f back to life - I recently re-installed the cam and lifters - reground by the local machine shop. Followed the prescribed break-in procedure with recommended lubes and oils, etc. and 1/2 hour of 2000-2400 varied RPM. Took out for a few joy rides - have...
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    1977 FJ Exhaust Manifold Horns

    Looking for some advice on the best way to remove/clean/rebuild the manifold horns - mine are rusted tight & won't move. Didn't want to apply too much force and break them....
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