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    WHat radiator to run with a 15 psi turbo 22re

    Either the 22RTE (turbo) radiator (that's what I have on the 22R in my 84) or have your current radiator rebuilt with those new high density cores (works great on the hot running Buick 231 in my 83).
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    Charge/ Sensor Lights On

    If the CHARGE and BRAKE light are on, it typically means the alt is dying, usually the brushes.
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    Transmission Changes/Compatablility

    Marlin has/had a kit to convert a forward shift to top shift, but never the other way. And top shift cases are cheap and easy to find, waaay less than the cost of any conversion kit and labor would be.
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    Transmission Changes/Compatablility

    Then get another W56-C/D/E, that's it for a bolt-in replacement.
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    Transmission Changes/Compatablility

    Your best bet is to get another W56-C/D/E trans (89-95). Any other trans will work, but you will have to change the t-case also (even with a W56-A/B). Also, any earlier series 4 cyl trans (Gxx, Lxx) is weaker. The strongest 4 cyl trans would be the R151F from a 86-87 22TE, but will be very...
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    another ball joint spacer question.

    and SDORI
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    '87 2wd Xcab as a donor rig?

    For the same gen vehicle , all the sheet metal, glass, interior, etc are the same 2WD or 4WD, p/u or 4Runner, although the 4WD fenders have more of a flair at the opening. BTW, that thing wouldn't be worth $1100 if it were running. With a bad engine and trans, maybe $200. Around here you can...
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    another ball joint spacer question.

    How hard have you tried, a 3 sec GOOGLE just found a bunch for me. :rolleyes:
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    76 to 88 p/u bed

    While the lines of the 1st and 2nd gen beds vary, the bolt patterns are the same. I have a 2nd gen ('84) 2WD bed on my 1st gen ('83) 4WD frame.
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    locker decision 83 toy

    I like the ARB (have'm F & R), but if $ is an issue go with the Detroit or Aussie.
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    Why 5 wires to each stock rear speaker?

    The FSM shows exactly what you describe. The 3 wires go to a box attached to the speaker. Diagram doesn't say what it is, but might guess would be an amp. My 84 Runner doesn't have that. My 89 might, but it's to cold to pull the whole panel off to check, sorry.
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    IFS or axle swap ??

    I gotta agree, I've wheeled in the rocks with guys on IFS. They beat the heck out of it and it takes it. An occaisional broken CV isn't too bad. Unless you plan on lots of hardcore rockcrawling, IFS will serve you well.
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    '85 Auto axles: 4.30S ?

    85 4 cyl w/auto would have 4.30 gears w/std tires or 4.88's if it had the factory 31" tire package. Axle codes are G282 and G142.
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    Transmission id?

    Um, if that's a forward shift t-case in that pic, why is there a mounting base for the shifter ? :eek: That's a top shift case :rolleyes: A forward shift case has a block-off plate where the shifter mount is in that pic.
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    Transfer case interlock pin?

    Sky Mfg also sells twin stick kits.
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    '85 extra cab question

    A standard cab will fit right on, you'll just have a space between the cab and bed. (H'mm storage space, spare tire maybe?) It also doesn't have to be a cab from a 4WD, one from a 2WD is the same, you just have to cut a hole for the t-case shifter (yeah, I know, the fenders don't have the...
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    spring over conversion

    For the front you could always use BJ spacers (yeah, they work on 2WDs too). Then there's companies like RevTek, FabTech, etc that do more serious suspension stuff for 2WDs.
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    3 Point Lapsash Inertia Reel Seatbelt

    The LN65 is a mini-truck (2nd gen), but a 4 door version not sold in the US.
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    3 Point Lapsash Inertia Reel Seatbelt

    I believe that's the downunder term for our seatbelt :D
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    More tranny problems

    Yes, the W56 will bolt right up to the motor (it was made to go with the more powerful 22RE), and yes it is stronger than the G52. Your 84 w/the 22R had a G52 with a forward shift t-case. There are 5 variations of the W56 hopefully you got one of the versions that uses a forward shift case...
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