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  1. KrOswalt

    Wanted FZJ80 Wheel (AL/USA)

    Looking for a factory 16” wheel from an 80 series. About to bite the bullet and build a rear tire carrier, would rather have a matching whee instead of the spare steelie. Shoot me a price plus shipping to 35476. PayPal/Venmo is ready. Would also like a set of lug nuts if you have them, not...
  2. KrOswalt

    For Sale Warn 9.5 ti Winch

    $725obo+shipping Up for sale is a perfectly functioning Warn 9.5 ti winch. Not to be confused with the newer version “9.5 cti”. I’m no warn winch expert so I have absolutely no clue what the difference is between my older “ti” and the new “cti”. I know the new ones cost $1,400 give or take, the...
  3. KrOswalt

    For Sale 285/75/16 BFG KM3

    i have a set of BFG KM3s in the 285/75/16 flavor(33”). Tires have about 2000 miles on them. Nothing wrong with them at all but I realize I should’ve got 35” tires. Located in Tuscaloosa/Northport area of Alabama, zip 35476. Firm at $800 if you come to me, price will change accordingly if I have...
  4. KrOswalt

    Frustrating leak search, Wet floorboards

    So I’ve read and searched and read some more and i think I’ve got it narrowed down to the windshield gasket but I’m not 100% sure where or how my front floordboard is getting DRENCHED. Both driver and passenger side is pretty soaked, as we have been getting absolutely dumped on with rain the...
  5. KrOswalt

    “Trumpet” sound between 1800-2000 rpm

    1996 FZJ80, 1FZ-FE. No engine upgrades whatsoever, completely OEM from front to back inside and out except for double din radio and 33” tires, problem was before any changes to truck where made. Truck accelerated and brakes perfectly. I’ve researched this to death, have commented on a few dead...
  6. KrOswalt

    Wanted Front thrust washer and caliper bolt

    Have a 1996 FZJ80. Rebuilt my front axle, passenger side didn’t have a thrust washer. Friend finished up the “easy” parts on driver side axle while I went to the store and got a new battery. He didn’t tighten the 2 brake caliper bolts holding the caliper in, so one came out going down the road...
  7. KrOswalt

    What coolant line is this?

    I apologize for the stupid/newbie question but I just got off and have to get this fixed in a jiffy, or else I’d find the part and part# myself, looks like an irritating hose to fix, thanks in advance for the help!
  8. KrOswalt

    Wanted Center airbag sensor

    Have a 1996 FZJ80, got the 3-1 airbag fault code (3 fast blinks-pause-1 blink- long pause- repeat) the evidently means I needs a new center airbag sensor. Purchased my FJ from a 2nd owner so it has undoubtedly been wrecked. So I’m looking for the center airbag sensor located under the center...
  9. KrOswalt

    SOLD Found: Moulding/Exterior weather stripping

    Looking for the exterior window belt moulding for all 4 doors/windows. Located in Alabama/USA. I know these are hard to remove from a vehicle without breaking them, and hard to package for shipping without them getting broken in transit but I can’t seem to find anything relatively close to me...
  10. KrOswalt

    Rear Hatch Lock Issues/Actuator Fix

    Just purchased a 1996 FZJ-80 yesterday, I know this is my first post and being familiar with forums I know it’s kinda sh*tty to make your first post a question but I’m stumped. I’ve searched ih8mud for a couple hours and can’t find my exact issue. My rear hatch will lock/unlock manually, but...
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