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  1. saucebox

    Trail Tailor Offerings- Racks, Sliders, Control Arms and Misc

    Curious. I only bought the LCA skids after I smashed the p*** out of the driver's side. Haven't sorted out how to bend it back to somewhat straight.
  2. saucebox

    Best AHC replacement Kit?

    Maybe your best bet would be to contact one of the vendors here. Kurt (@cruiseroutfit) at Cruiser Outfitters can help you through the different suspension options, as can Jason @TRAIL TAILOR. Try to know what you're looking for beforehand—like what type of use for your truck (street, forest...
  3. saucebox

    Keaton's '03 LX470 Thread

    Did that for a HAM install. Works well. Haven't owned a disc since the Gen3 iPhone. Have a passenger side headlamp assembly if you want it. It's not pretty (...sun-frosted), but it's whole. Same deal.
  4. saucebox

    Has anyone installed a Grom Vline instead of repairing their DVD-based Nav unit?

    Mine’s in the glove box. And it requires no WiFi if you’re using AA/CP, as you say. All that data is routed through your phone’s regular plan. @westwardCruiser is right though—not a ton of resolution is to be had on our old screens. The maps work well through the phones, I think, in part...
  5. saucebox

    LX470 HID Retrofit Project

    Not yet—I suppose I've gotten used to it (and...still cold, hah). Have plans to work on a bunch of electrical in the spring, and I'll definitely be doing something about it then.
  6. saucebox

    LX470 HID Retrofit Project

    Mine occasionally still does that even with the Morimoto relay harness. I can always get it to work eventually, so I'm putting it off until it's not so cold out anymore.
  7. saucebox

    LX470 HID Retrofit Project

    The earlier years were glass — '98-...'02? The only difference between new/old is the lens material.
  8. saucebox

    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Haven't done it myself, but this thread details doing just that (and links to a tool that hopefully makes it much easier).
  9. saucebox

    LX470 HID Retrofit Project

    Did the same thing. Well, had Lou do the same thing :hillbilly: My before/after on the housings looked the same. Good lord what a difference.
  10. saucebox

    Trip Computer Total Inaccuracy

    I don't think they're built for accuracy—more as a helpful reminder to fuel up. More for the average Joe/Jane.
  11. saucebox

    Has anyone installed a Grom Vline instead of repairing their DVD-based Nav unit?

    I use CarPlay through my iPhone. Calls are routed through the screen (lists who is calling, answer and decline buttons). The audio is routed through the car speakers, and the I use the mic included with the Grom package. When I hang up, it goes back to whatever I was doing before (nav, or nav +...
  12. saucebox

    Has anyone installed a Grom Vline instead of repairing their DVD-based Nav unit?

    It will work fine—the Grom unit replaces the feed for the disc changer. The hard buttons (climate, trip computer, nav, etc.) all stay factory. So she'll still have a dead nav, but gain the ability to just do everything through her phone (which is light years ahead anyway). Easily my most...
  13. saucebox

    Rough idle, cel, unkn codes

    Has anything been changed/serviced recently? Will it run long enough to throw a code?
  14. saucebox

    Pricing on control arms

    Genuine Toyota OEM Parts up to 34% off MSRP! is another.
  15. saucebox

    Pricing on control arms

    It looks like they're $315 each—new. I'd say it's not a great deal, but maybe passable if you're in a pinch and don't want to source all the new hardware alongside...
  16. saucebox

    SOLD 100-Series AHC Pump Assembly -- SLC, UT

    I'm going to hang on to it for a couple of weeks—end of the month, probably—then toss it.
  17. saucebox

    Cheap Aftermarket UCAs/ Suspension Parts

    That's a lot of coin just to replace functioning, but rusty parts. I think it makes more sense to replace things as they fail—the wear items like ball joints, tie rods, etc., cost the same either way. Labor for replacing all that is going to be high if you're not doing the work. If you can...
  18. saucebox

    SOLD 100-Series AHC Pump Assembly -- SLC, UT

    Just like the title says—an AHC pump/booster/reservoir/whatever assembly. The whole thing. Free. $0. One catch—no idea if it works. My LX already had an OME lift installed—I pulled the remaining AHC parts for a (someday) dual battery install. Now it's just sitting in a box, which is dumb. I do...
  19. saucebox

    Newbie Intro

    Good grief man, that one looks amazing. Great find!
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