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  1. James Madigan

    Anybody know the full part number?

    I need the full part number for the door glass outside weatherstrip on a 1973 FJ40.I do have vent windows on the doors. Thanks
  2. James Madigan

    I thought this was a must see
  3. James Madigan

    Wanted Ambu Door lower rod link mechanism

    I need the lower driver door rod link mechanism the part with the spring and striker in it .Thanks
  4. James Madigan

    Wanted Jack tools for FJ40

    Im looking for a set of jack tools for a FJ40, i dont need the jack, i will buy for reasonable price
  5. James Madigan

    For Sale FJ40 as seen on Dove bid , California location

    1977 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser. Vin # FJ400235873. Mileage reads 41,575. Powered by the original Toyota 6 cylinder engine This FJ40 being auctioned by Dove bid the govt liquidity place.I dont know if you need to be e member to get in.
  6. James Madigan

    Wanted Ambulance door rear header

    Need one for ambulance doors.Thanks
  7. James Madigan

    Wanted Need bottom latch for ambulance doors

    I need the bottom latch for ambulance doors and if you have the L brackets that would be good too Thanks
  8. James Madigan

    Any difference in upper rear panels

    Between a 1966 and a 1973 Fj40
  9. James Madigan

    Wanted Need windshield to top frame FJ40

    I need the metal frame that goes between the top and windshield.
  10. James Madigan

    Wanted Windshield to hardtop metal frame piece FJ40

    Im looking for the piece between the hardtop and windshield that holds top to windshield.Its for a 1973 FJ40
  11. James Madigan

    Wanted 1973 FJ40 front axle nuts and washers

    I need for driver side front axle the nuts and washers from the bearing out to the hub.Thanks Jim Also need bearing seal
  12. James Madigan

    Wanted !973 motor mount bushings

    I need a pair of round motor mount rear bushings.i need the 2 rubber donuts and washers if you have ,.Thanks jim
  13. James Madigan

    Wanted Locking hubs wanted 1973 FJ40

    I need a pair of locking hubs for my 1973 FJ40. I believe that would be 6 spline.
  14. James Madigan

    Wanted Header bow for windshield to hardtop 1973 FJ40

    I need the metal piece to attach hardtop to windshield.Goes across windshield at top Thanks jim
  15. James Madigan

    Wanted FJ40 Hardtop

    I just got a 1973 FJ40.I intend to restore it but all the frame and tub has been redone.Im new on here.Hello everybody.Im old and this may be my last resto project. I need the fiberglass hardtop and preferably any attachment hard ware.I have the window panels already.Im gonna do ambulance...
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