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  1. gil12

    Must have CHEAP mods to 100 Series

    Backup camera - neighborhood kids and dogs are much safer, it cost about $125, leaves $175 for more gasoline - my favorite accessory!
  2. gil12

    Gear oil recommendation - Differential

    my mechanic 10 years ago suggested staying with dino gear oils for somewhat vague reasons, and change them periodically. So I do that. Having oil in there is perhaps the only truly important factor. : ) Gil
  3. gil12

    Preventative Maintenance to prevent brake failure

    Facing similar fears, I replaced the accumulator and pump with a new unit, and rebuilt the master cyclinder with the inexpensive ($70 or so) kit. The accumulator and pump were about a grand from Ranma21 about 3 years ago. The pump can also be rebuilt - people report having trouble with...
  4. gil12

    Same day coil pack codes and ABS failure

    I've had weird stuff happens when the battery is low, I would check it just in case it might be something that easy.
  5. gil12

    Making a 4 seat 100 series?

    I converted to just the front seats. I tell folks that I now drive a sports car!
  6. gil12

    1998 or 1999 for DD

    Any driving in snow, ice, conditions that might cause one wheel to spin then catch? If not, I'd not worry much.
  7. gil12

    Why are these trucks priced too high?

    Why $10,000? Another reason is that same strong resale pricing. I bought my 1999 LC almost 10 years ago for $15,000 with somewhere around 80K miles on it. I've driven it another 80K and sounds like it would be possible to sell it for $8,000 plus. Not bad for that length of time and...
  8. gil12

    Help with Paint Solutions

    I'm more of a beater kind of guy. If there isn't rust showing - you already have enough paint! ; )
  9. gil12

    Late Model 100 Series Annual Spend?

    Sorry for being a downer, but there is also the possibility (probability?) of needing a new master cylinder/accumulator/pump for $1000 to 3000 depending on how you approach it.
  10. gil12

    Gas mileage question

    I get 26 mpg, but only when I drive my wife's Mazda. Oh, this is the Land Cruiser forum?! 12 - 14.5, and Lovin it!
  11. gil12

    Gas mileage question

    As KraziAzn says, stay stock but also take off the roof rack. Avoid acceleration like your being followed by the CHP. Then decide that 12 mpg isn't so bad after all, and just pay the piper.
  12. gil12

    Headlights - what up with this beam pattern?

    Inhabited by a ghost? : )
  13. gil12

    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Lowered my bed platform so I could sit up in the back to put on my shoes, pull up my pants, etc. It is now only 6" above the floor, so I'm using these sturdy Rubbermaid trays to hold basic camping equipment and tools. Works great!
  14. gil12

    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Death Valley has incredible scenery - very dramatic and unusual sights and very desolate corners. It also has much darker night skies for me to use my telescopes. Their campgrounds are mostly flat unpleasant affairs - often with very high winds (bent thick aluminum poles of our tent, etc.)...
  15. gil12

    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Went to Anza Borrego in Southern California before the Thanksgiving holiday. I am liking this park more and more. It has mostly subtle views, but a wide range of desert topography. Will go again - and again I think. Sometimes you just like a place and uncertain what it is you like. This...
  16. gil12

    Oil for High Mileage (200,000+) Cruisers?

    That strikes me as an unusual suggestion - any reason given? (I'd go with factory recommendation.)
  17. gil12

    Stall after starting sometimes. Time to change battery?

    I'd go with the costco battery - I just take my tools and change in the parking lot so I don't have to lug the exchange back. I don't have your cold weather - but can go a few weeks without driving more than 3 miles between start ups. I find I need to top off my battery with a charger every...
  18. gil12

    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    I replaced my standard low beam headlights with Sylvania Xtravision 9012 - I did the thing where you trim the mount so it fits into socket for standard 9006. It brightened things up! (Picture is with manual exposure - so comparison is valid.) before After! then adjusted headlights - which...
  19. gil12

    I'm confused - what light in the headlight cluster is this?

    Thanks! With a little more effort- the base twisted and came out. I checked the bulb - and it is burned out. Ordered a couple of phillips led 168 replacements. Gil
  20. gil12

    I'm confused - what light in the headlight cluster is this?

    I just finished adjusting my headlights - but never saw this light turn on - and can not find it mentioned in my factory manual or owner's manual. What is it? When does it turn on? And how do you remove it to replace the bulb - it does not seem to twist out - does it pull out? Thanks...
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