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  1. GLTHFJ60

    Builds Blue '84 gets a fresh start- AFI EFI and more

    How many PSI is "low pressure"? Remember that the filter in question operates under slight vacuum in the OEM application, not under any pressure at all.
  2. GLTHFJ60

    Builds Blue '84 gets a fresh start- AFI EFI and more

    Looks like the filter collapsed under vacuum from being clogged. If the EFI pump is upsream from this, feeding this filter, then it collapsed under pressure, but I'd bet your EFI pump is fed by this filter.
  3. GLTHFJ60

    ONSC Other Cars Thread

    It's not mine (yet) but I have had a good amount of driving time in this car. Far and away the best car, in every sense of the word, that I've ever been in. I will own one, if not this exact car. It was fun putting an exhaust and chip in this thing, really woke it up.
  4. GLTHFJ60

    Goodbye...for now

    Exciting! You'll blend right in :lol:
  5. GLTHFJ60

    Brake Upgrade - The Tundra Mod

    They are the same bearings. Same bearings as the FJ and FZJ80 as well in fact.
  6. GLTHFJ60

    ONSC Other Cars Thread

    @heavytlc care to elaborate more on the dodge 4500/5500 hauler? I'm interested in the bed you have on it. Looks like an aluminum CM flatbed with dog boxes on top?
  7. GLTHFJ60

    Roxx HZJ81

    I didn't realize that you were also converting this frame from RHD to LHD. Very cool. Steering box holes are drilled but not sleeved, correct?
  8. GLTHFJ60

    ONSC Other Cars Thread

    ^^ Spoken from personal experience? :lol:
  9. GLTHFJ60

    ONSC Other Cars Thread

    Brett, what's special about that burban? I feel like they're pretty common, but I'm sure you have a good reason for grabbing it. I flew down to TX to pick up my Ferd. Have put a lot of $$ in it, and have done a lot of work with it, since purchase. Very happy.
  10. GLTHFJ60

    Builds Lemonade - 1967 FJ40

    Cotter pins on the rod bolts?! Too cool!!
  11. GLTHFJ60

    Dusty the mini truck that wishes it was a Land Cruiser

    For a racing application? IMO, that's not enough crossmember. Need to support the transfer case at the back along the transmission centerline with the same type of bushing as the transmission mount.
  12. GLTHFJ60

    Brake Booster add to '68 FJ40? Pros vs Cons

    Curious, what's a "literal force"? Stress risers can propagate at feature intersections, but radiusing and smoothing helps prevent that. With this part, the shoulder where the male thread ends is going to be stronger than the male thread's minor diameter. A change could be made to end the...
  13. GLTHFJ60

    Finally a workshop/storage/mancave

    Nice work man. That's a lot of bolts to weld, or did you drill through the top slats?
  14. GLTHFJ60

    TMWT: The machine work thread

    Nice work man. What tooling were you using?
  15. GLTHFJ60

    FJ60 Door Panels: Customizable and Affordable

    I recall the holes for the clips being oval, not round. How did you drill that?
  16. GLTHFJ60

    Daily funny pics

    Literally every time I wheel. This is why I like wheeling with @Fort Knox so much :lol:
  17. GLTHFJ60

    Daily funny pics

    Is your bnb a good place for a romantic getaway? Have been mulling over the idea for a while. Not that a night or two would save the business, but every bit counts, right?
  18. GLTHFJ60

    TMWT: The machine work thread

    Looks awesome installed!
  19. GLTHFJ60

    TORT: The ONSC Rant Thread

    Not with a limited range of motion and random knee locking that's been going on.
  20. GLTHFJ60

    TORT: The ONSC Rant Thread

    Three and a half weeks later, I had my follow-up. Wasn't using a crutch anymore, but I didn't see much improvement other than that. Doc says I need surgery to correct a torn meniscus, that's causing knee locking, among other problems. bye bye moab
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