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  1. 2fpower

    anyone have a two car hauler trailer?

    Got a line on 4 fj55's in Montana, but shipping is killing the deal. Need to be a 30' trailer at least.
  2. 2fpower

    beware of @JDMStanNtopSoft

    Buyer beware..... I have given @JDMStanNTopSoft a lot of time to respond, and he has not given any contact, I paid $2800 for a BJ73 soft top back in March of this year, expecting it to take quite some time to get it made and shipped, but I do expect some communication about the progress. I...
  3. 2fpower

    solar power DIY

    Getting interested in adding solar power, now that there are 400W panels and the tarriffs are gone, and the tax credit is going back up to 30%.... Anyone have any knowledge about doing it yourself? DIY(Do It Yourself) Solar Energy Kits & Services | Solar Wholesale Get the help you need to...
  4. 2fpower

    FYI - I hate KCMO....

    Been working on this for a couple weeks, seems that KCMO is playing dirty once again..... Just sent it out to my clients, but thought to share it with my Toyota Family..... If you work in Kansas City, MO and don’t live there, we wanted to reach out to notify you of changes regarding Kansas...
  5. 2fpower

    Winch wiring changes? 12V

    On my BJ73 - now LS powered, I added a HF winch, and when I ran it to spool in the line, the wires on the car started over-heating. I assume these are the wires feeding power from the alternator. Anyone have this issue before? Do I need to add larger gauge wire to the alternator? to be clear...
  6. 2fpower

    vibration - steering rack loose?

    We have had our 2014 GX460 for several years now (90k miles) and the front end vibration at speed has become progressively worse over time. Reading threads, most of the time it is wheels, so just had them road force balanced and rotated, with no perceived change. I haD @kc_chevota jump...
  7. 2fpower

    2014 gx460 p1605 error

    pulled error codes yesterday and it had a p1605 code. I cleared it, but can't find much about what might be causing it -- no common errors that I can find on the interwebz.... Thoughts?
  8. 2fpower

    factory soft top sides

    I have been talking with @4060seriesnut and @FJBen about ordering a soft top kit for my 73 and the question came up about making the side windows able to roll up when you want. Did the factory soft tops had the roll up sides windows? If so, where the velco in place or zipper? Any thoughts...
  9. 2fpower

    Spring 2022 Crawl To SMORR May 5-8

    Spring Crawl - Take a look at your calendar out and mark May 5-8 for a fun weekend at SMORR. After the goodbye FOO run last spring, it seemed like a good thing to add to the TAC annual events! Call down and reserve your slots if you need electric. For tent camping there is always room. I...
  10. 2fpower

    Frozen high watermark trail 2022

    How does the first weekend of February look for everybody?
  11. 2fpower

    RTH BJ73 2.5 TD wiring

    I need help. I am converting a LS into a 1992 BJ73 and I did a horrible job when I tore out the old engine, so needing help tracking down the temp sensor wire and the engine oil pressure sensor wires. There are three wires coming from near the battery on the exhaust side of the engine. The...
  12. 2fpower

    For Sale Kansas City H151 and bellhousing for 1FZ

    I have a H151 that came out of a 75 series truck with a 1fz motor. The transmission would pop out of first gear so it will need to be sent to Georg or someone that can replace the intermediate shaft and related parts. $1200 plus shipping
  13. 2fpower

    Tuttle 2021 November 4-7th- MSMR

    It is time to head to Tuttle and the weather looks to be pretty good. The club has reserved the entire cul-de-sac of the Fancy Creek Park Park. See map below. This is about 5 miles from the off road park, just North of Randolph, KS. There is power there, so bring an extension cord and a...
  14. 2fpower

    Quincy 325 ROC 101 rebuild and info depository

    Since it seems like there is not a good guide step by step guide out there to rebuild an old quincy air compressor, decided to drop my information off here. This is the first time doing one of these, so the information comes from many sites, and I welcome anyone's thoughts. It started a couple...
  15. 2fpower

    RTH. Stored Engine not turning over

    I bought this engine about five years ago and have always had it stored inside. It’s been at least three years since I’ve turned it over, but went yesterday to do so and this thing will not move. I pulled the plugs and put Marvel mystery oil in let it soak for 12 hours. Still nothing. I...
  16. 2fpower

    2021 Fall Crawl - Kessler Memorial Run update

    Fall Crawl Update- At the meeting we chose the weekend of October 1-3 to do our 3rd annual Kessler Run and Fall Crawl, with the intention of wheeling at SMORR again. After much time and effort, we have decided to move this event to Rush Springs Ranch. We went here a couple years ago when...
  17. 2fpower

    BAT posted the 75 series.....

    Wish me luck, finally posted...
  18. 2fpower

    BaT Kansas City FZJ75 on BAT Full thread is on the 70 section.
  19. 2fpower

    4x4 labs group buy

    There is a group buy going on over on the 80 forum that I have been trying to determine if they still make their rear 73 series bumper kit to no avail. Anyone have a contact over at 4x4 labs?
  20. 2fpower

    Wheeling weekend - goodbye to FOO

    The new owner of FOO is coming down from Minnesota on the 23rd of April and hoping to wheel some down here on the 24th. Write that down on the calendar for a wheeling day -- somewhere. Would love to go to SMORR, but that is adding 6 hours to their trip. Kansas Rocks just sucks if it is wet...
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