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    For Sale CRAIGSLIST BOISE ID 1972 FJ40

    FWIW Not affiliated
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    For Sale 1969 FJ40 Boise area Craigslist

    Not Affiliated
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    For Sale idaho m100 craiglist

    Not affiliated. If I needed one, I'd be all over this.
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    For Sale 1977 FJ40 Eastern OR Craigslist

    Not affiliated
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    SOLD Chassis and Parts Burns OR Not affiliated
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    SOLD Boise ID Bantam Craigslist Not affiliated. BTW, ... I have two already!
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    For Sale Boise ID FJ40 Craigslist

    Not affiliated, ... looks like it has potential.
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    Help with ARB Locker

    I have an ARB in the rear that was was installed for the P.O. No documentation came with it. I very rarely use it, but did so recently and noticed the compressor was on most (but not all) of the time. Is this normal, or do I need to run down the line and fittings to see if'n I have a leak or...
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    MUDShip Boise to N California

    Got a small package, 24"x24"x12". Needs to go to kevos37. Anyone able to help? I don't know how soon he needs it.
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    For Sale FJ40 Miscellaneous Parts- Boise ID

    Bunch of parts from 3 separate 40s. I'm looking for beer money! (Beer these days is spendy!) Radiator Frame (Probably from 1972 FJ40) - $40 each plus the ride Seat Back Plate (1975?) or Toolbox Cover (from 1972) - $40 plus the ride Smog Box (Pretty sure its from a 1975 FJ40) - $100 plus...
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    craigslist 1974 FJ40 in Boise Craigslist No affiliation, ... but I can go look at if Mudder requests
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    Remove and Reinstall 1972 Hardtop

    After 4 hours plus of reinstalling the complete hardtop on my son's 1972 FJ40, I have to think there is a better way. He pulls it each summer for half doors and bikini top,( using rope under the sides and front of the fiberglass roof) and a series of pulleys to lift it and store, then we need...
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    NO AFFILIATION FJ40/45 F Engine Let me know if you need help. Good luck!
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    For Sale 1970 FJ40 ON BOISE CRAIGSLIST No affiliation, ... just thought this was a good price for all the work in it.
  16. centerlineseal

    Bantam Landing Leg

    Anyone needing a landing leg from an older (unknown date) Bantam (round fenders)? I removed entire unit from the frame, leg and triangular bracket. I can do pics if anyone is interested.
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    craigslist 1979 HJ45 on Boise Craiglist

    No affiliation, spotted this posted today for $5,300 Don't know how to post a link, but here is reply to ad address
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    Wanted Door hinge pieces for a 1972 FJ40

    The kid is working on his half doors, and we can't find two of the hinge pieces. Just the hinge piece that bolts to the front doors. Can't figure out how to attach pics, Sorry (See attached pics- operator error! Anyone help me there?) Thanks
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    Help - need 50mm deepwell hub socket in Boise, ID

    Finally rebuilding the front axle, all disassembled, and I find my hub socket is for a 56 mm nut. My old drumbrake '75 axle requires a 50mm. I could duct-tape the inside of what I have to shim it out, but on the off chance someone in SW Idaho has one I can borrow this weekend, I would sure...
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    WARN vs SMITTYBILT HUBS? Preference?

    Here's my issue(s). My '75 FJ40 has the original coarse spline front axles, with a Manafre bolt-on disc brake setup and aftermarket Smittybilt hubs. (via P.O.) I have a trunnion bearing problem and will rebuild both knuckles using Kurt's rebuild kit and Marlin axles seals. That said, the...
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