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  1. ajordan1975

    Cruise Moab 2023

    This is just an announcement for the dates. Registration opening TBD Don't start booking Air B&B's, condos, motels etc. If you remember we sold out in under an hour this year. If I was you I'd wait to book lodging till you're for sure in and registered!
  2. ajordan1975

    Good options for rear shocks for a 6” lift

    What’s a good rear shock for a 6” lift? The stud on top of my Fox shock broke Saturday on our way back down the trail. I’m not nice to her and she gets rode pretty hard. Primarily used as a rock crawler. These lasted about 3 years or so.
  3. ajordan1975

    TLCA Cruise Moab 25th Anniversary 4/27/22 - 5/01/2022

    The official dates are set for the 25th Anniversary of Cruise Moab! Pre-runs and overnight runs start as early as 4/25/22! It's going to be a great event! Can't wait!
  4. ajordan1975

    SOLD 97 1fz fe, and A343F transmission in Westminster Colorado

    97 1FZ FE from my 97 LX450. 204k miles Has a rod knock. Motor pulled and parting it out. Located in Westminster CO Would prefer local pickup but can ship on your dime. I’ve already sold the oil cooler, sensors, throttle body, exhaust manifolds, valve cover, and all the egr stuff. still have the...
  5. ajordan1975

    TLCA Cruise Moab 2020 - Canceled

    Cruise Moab 2020 April 13 - 19 registration opens 1/20/20 at 20:20 (8:20 pm mountain time). get in early. It sold out in 5 days last year.
  6. ajordan1975

    Eagle Rock

    I’m headed to Westcliffe Saturday and headed home Sunday. I plan to hit Eagle Rock on the way home. Would anyone like to meet up and wheel? No time yet, still trying to round up a few people.
  7. ajordan1975

    SOLD 1990 4Runner crawler

    1990 Toyota 4Runner, 7K OBO 22re, 5spd, dual stock cases. SAS 37” Goodyear MTR’s, 17x9 steel wheels Bud built cross member, Marin Crawler dual case adaptor Trail Gear Hydro Assist, 6 shooter knuckles (just rebuilt), OG Longfields, Chromo hub gears, V6 Detroit Locker up front, and spool rear...
  8. ajordan1975

    For Sale 1990 4Runner Crawler

    I'm selling my crawler. I'm in Westminster CO. 7K OBO. 1990 Toyota 4Runner Rock crawler
  9. ajordan1975

    Sumo, or Marlin gear reduction?????

    Who's got what? From what I've read they seem almost identical. My LX450 is going to be getting some off road upgrades this winter, and i'm just wondering what y'all have used. I won't be buying the TG gears so please don't bother mentioning them. Thanks!
  10. ajordan1975

    SOLD Trade you my 7.3 Excursion for your triple locked 80

    Selling my crawler hauler to get an 80. Willing to trade for the right one. I’m in Denver and willing to travel for the right rig. New HPOP and fuel pump this week. 2002 Ford Excursion
  11. ajordan1975

    SOLD 2002 Ford Excursion

  12. ajordan1975

    Co Toyota Jamboree

    Anyone interested? Aug 7-9 Hosted by Scotty of Addicted Offroad.
  13. ajordan1975


    Well it's finally happened! I found a job! It's not in Springs though. I accepted a position at an engineering firm on the west side of Denver. My wife went into give her notice, and they love her so much they created a position for her in there Boulder office! . So our house hunt will be in...
  14. ajordan1975

    Need help!

    Anyone have any garage space and tools I can use? I have to replace my altanator. The voltage regulator is bad on my excursion and I need to swap it out w/ a quickness. I'm staying at the Residence inn off of Federal. Please and thanks! Andy
  15. ajordan1975

    K2 Oct -24 / 26

    Anyone plan to go?
  16. ajordan1975

    My random Colorado question thread.

    This thread is going to consist of me asking random questions about random thigs. Areas in and around Colorado Springs, Woodland Park and a few other near buy places. I've been looking at all kinds of info on many various websites, forums, etc. I'm hopping to get some insite from all you as...
  17. ajordan1975

    Trees Ranch Labor Day weekend?

    Anyone plan to go?
  18. ajordan1975


    Sorry for the short notice, but I'm headed to HF for the day Saturday if anyone wants to join. I'm headed out from the South side around 8 am.
  19. ajordan1975

    Trees Ranch

    I'm headed to Trees Ranch Labor Day weekend w/ a handful of my buddies. Anyone else plan to go?
  20. ajordan1975

    Day trip to Hidden Falls

    Taking my kids to HF for a day trip ether 6/14 or 6/21. Anyone else want to join?
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