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    coolant leak under intake manifold

    Hello, I have never had any over heating issues with my 80 until today. The AC went out then noticed it was over heating, I put 2 gallons of water in it since I was out running errands when it hit. The water runs straight through and comes out up high under the intake manifold, I cant see...
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    Wanted Who wants to sell me their lx450 cladding?

    My cladding on rear driver side fender well decided to pop off on a 75 in the middle of Dallas and didn’t want to die trying to retrieve it. So I’m in the market for some cladding if you want to part with yours. I didn’t see anything with a search that’s recent for sale. I like the look of...
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    Loud alarm sound from under hood

    Hello guys, my Fj is making a loud alarm sound from behind the battery box. Doesn’t matter if the engine is on or off it still makes the sound so long as the battery is connected. I pulled fuses with no luck. I can’t identify what’s causing it so I can really tell what to pull and what to...
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