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    Need help with my cdl mod

    Sorry for beating a dead horse, and please dont simply reply “look up other threads” cause trust me i have. Now thats outta the way i correctly did the 7th pin mod, bought a cdl switch from a rav4 on ebay (from what i have read is all cdl switches are the same) and plugged it in, problem is it...
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    I need help finding someone with a later model 80 series and a 3d printer to help make a mod

    Im new to the 80 series but i have a 97 4runner that i came up with an idea for a sg2 mount, basically im looking for someone that has an 80 series like mine with the correct tools to help make a similar mount, the 4runner mount replaced the crappy cupholder in the dash whereas the mount im...
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    New member here 97 fzj80,40th. Anniversary

    just bought my first cruiser, no. 0282 anniversary edition 3x locked 80 series. Paid 3500 bucks for it and its in amazing shape over all, just a reminder there are still deals out there. My other vehicle is a 97 limited 4runner that i did a 5speed swap, manual hubs, and a jdm engine. What budget...
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