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    How did I get water in my rear end

    I put new gear oil in the rear end last fall, went on 1 trip where I forded about 30 " of water. Other than that it basicley sat all winter. I decided to pull the cover and check on the welded rear end, WOW about 2 cups of water came out, I have extended the vent with 1/4" vacume tube so it...
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    Wanted Spring bushings fj40

    Just like it says i need a set of leaf spring bushings for a early fj40. prefably the factory rubber type, thay dont half to be in real great condition.
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    sbc electric fan temp sender

    What temperature range on the 1/2" pipe thread in block sender are you guys running for sbc with ford torus fan and stock 40 radiator. ex: on at 195 off at 190 This is what I'm running now and the fan pritty much stays on all the time,witch makes sence besause i have a 195 degree...
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    sbc to LC 3 speed conversion parts and starter

    For sale: 2 bell housings front and rear engine mounts both trani adaptor plates for putting a sbc in front of a 3 speed LC trani $ 100 OBO f motor toyota starter $ 30 OBO...
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    signaw power steer problems HELP!

    I have a sbc with a 4 turn 4 bolt box (in front of the frame)and signaw pump, all parts are from a junk yard. The problem, It feals like manual steering. For good measure i filled the system, blead the system, draned it, filled and blead it agan. Symptoms I'm notising With the front tires...
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    Engine venting

    I have a old SB350 in my 40. I'n an attempt to make it as water resistant as possible I ran only 1 crank case vent from the PVC valve to the PVC valve vent on the carb. Is this enough crankcase ventalation or am I causing pressureization problems. THanks for your help
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    disasemble birfield

    I'm re greasing my knuckles and cant figure out how to disasemble the birfields to clean them and regrease. I read the article on the marlin tack and plan to do this. Sliding the C clip that's easy to git to does nothing. Eany sugestions or tricks would be great...
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    Wanted SM465 adaptor

    Looking for a classic cruisers or woodies, 3/4" plate style adaptor, for mating a SM465 to TLC transfer case.
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    SBC parts and starter

    For sale: SBC parts include. Front cradle engine mount 2 bell housings Adaptor plate Nose cone Parts are for SBC to TLC 3 speed $ 60.00 OBO U pay shipping Genuine TOYOTA starter out of a 71...
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    Help me find an article on 465 shifter slop

    I've looked and looked, I cant find an article I read about how to fix shifter slop on an sm465, if eany one knows ware to find it please let me know. Also I read something about removing snaprings and replacing them with a spacer, eany info woulc be great thanks!:D
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    FJ Parts

    3 3sp trani's 1 4sp trani 1 floor shift for 3sp trani 2 hard tops with good glass 1 free engine have some other stuff too Live in alaska so parts will be very cheep.:)
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    SM465 Conversion pt#'s

    Can eany one tell me forsure if thease are the right part #'s for a SM465 with a 10 spline out put shaft. GM 6273212. I know these #'s are on a tech thread but the last 465 i bought out of a 4x4 had a 8" long fine spline output, this trani( best i can tell ) also has a housing bolted between it...
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