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  1. halfsmilingfj

    Rocky Mountain Toyota RoundUp Summer 2023

    Hey guys just saw this on some channels I follow, I know it’s way out there in the future but some of the dudes leading and putting this on are legends in the off road world down there in CO. Check it out put it on your radar, I’m down to send it down there next summer for a week or so...
  2. halfsmilingfj

    Question about potential tire purchase.

    Hello all, I got a 2007 FJ 6speed and looking at putting on General Grabber X3s LT295/70R17. Currently have a 3 inch lift and spc upper control arms. Question is does anyone have experience running this size of tire with the stock OEM 17 inch wheel? Thank you!
  3. halfsmilingfj

    Is this your chair and water bottle?

    Nice looking armadillo chair and water bottle was left behind at the meeting tonight. I will bring it to the club run this Saturday or if someone wants to meet up later this week I can give it to you. Let me know! 🤙
  4. halfsmilingfj

    Anyone able to help me out?

    Hey all I got some RCI sliders I’m hoping to put on my fj, was wondering if anyone would be able to accept an offer of beer/pizza(both?) to help me out with taking the stock sliders off and new heavy ones on.
  5. halfsmilingfj

    HAM test Oct. 9th

    Three HAM threads in a row… Hey all I just found out there is a HAM radio test on the 9th of Oct. think I’m going to give it a shot. Does anyone have some good study material stuff they can loan me tomorrow at the BBQ? Looks like there is four slots available here’s the link...
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