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    Any ay to "undo" the effects of treat-based dog training?

    A well-meaning but unaware dog-sitter fed the poodle dog treats in exchange for poodle doing the basics (sit, stay and fetch). The poodle had been raised and trained by my kid, who only used praise. She wasn't allowed anywhere near humans when food was being consumed. Not at all a...
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    Just thinking out loud. The demographics are almost identical.
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    Jens Voigt

    Did he ever say why he crashed in stage 16 of the Tour? I am starting to wonder if he is hiding narcolepsy from his life and disability insurers or something.
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    Howling Westies

    Anyone know West Highland Terriers? They predate me in my family. My parents have two at the moment. I take them for granted, but last trip to Los Angeles I listened to them HOWLING and it blew me away. Anyone know what I am talking about? Not a regular movie dog howl; it sounds like...
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    What kind of dog don't you have...?

    I don't have a Labrador.
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    Dog containment - invisible fence - electronic shock - any suggestions?

    The poodle is big now, and can climb over one border fence, under a second, and through a third. She always could, just didn't know it. I just spent the morning tensioning a wire fence and putting new nails in a picket fence. She sat there watching me, laughing quietly. When she came over...
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    Engine off, 80 rolls forward in reverse?

    Can I get a reality check here - I parked the Oz 80 on near level ground, no parking brake, hopped out, it started to roll forward. I jumped back in feet first to get my foot on the brake, and when I looked at the shifter it was in R. (I've made a bad habit out of parking in P w/o the...
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    FZ-FE with 55,000 original miles...smooth and quiet...

    I've been borrowing a friend's 100 series for a few days and was admiring the smooth quiet pull of the engine. I popped the hood to check the oil and - voila - an FZ-FE! I forgot 100 series down here came with the 80 series engine for a few years. This is a 2000 GXL model. But anyway it sure...
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    Anyone in Australia want an FJ Cruiser (or two)?

    A buddy stateside has two he can ship, if anyone's interested and if we can get them imported down here without too much of a hassle. Let me know if you are interested.
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    Plumbers: Homemade Hot-tub: ideas?

    I was just given a used Rinnai 50 litre indoor/outdoor electric water heater. So I've got to do something with it, and I'm thinking an outdoor soaking tub. Here are the specs: It rarely gets below 60 here, even at night, and ten months...
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    Power Window Glass Replacement

    Hey I think my son and I stepped up from "tricycle" to "training wheels" in the wrenching department. My wife came home with broken front door window glass (PS - RHD) in the OZ 80 the other day, victim of a smash and grab :frown: . I picked up some used glass (with glass channel still...
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    Back to Back Left/Right Headlight Failure

    For the second time in six months in the Queensland 80, I've blown one low beam bulb then the other side within a few days of replacing the first. Does this mean anything other than bad luck?
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    Interior Power After Engine Off?

    Does anyone else's 80 lose electrical power to the radio, power windows etc. after turning the engine off but before opening the driver's door? I am sure in my old US model 1993 80 and my current 1997 LX 450, the dash and the power windows have power after I removed the key, up to the opening...
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    Compression Test Results at 200,000 Kms

    Just reporting data here: I just had my clattery valves on the OZ 80 adjusted (thanks for the tools Dan!) and had the compression tested after. 165 straight across all 6. This is at 201,000 Kms on the ticker.
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    Bridgestone Dueler A/T (Revo?) Question

    I'm shopping for a set of tires in Queensland, looking at the Bridgestone Dueler A/T's in 285/75/16. Two items give me pause: First, there is no "Revo" anywhere in the descriptions the local tire stores have. Is this the same tire that is so common in the States? Next, there are two...
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    A/C vents different RHD vs. LHD? Help From Aussies Please

    I've been driving the LHD LX 450 now, and have noticed a difference in the air conditioning vents compared to the RHD 80 in Queensland. In the LX 450 (and in my old 93 California 80, IIRC) when you select "feet and face" on the A/C vent selector, you get a decreased level of air up top from...
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    Carrizo Plains Nat'l Monument

    Is anyone familiar withe the road through the Carrizo Plains Nat'l Monument in southern California? On the map it looks like an oil road running north out of Cuyama, east of the Temblor Range, to around Cholame (close to where James Dean ate his dashboard, I think). I've always wanted to...
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    New TLCA Member

    Hi guys, I just wanted to introduce myself as a new TLCA member. Just got my first issue of Toyota Trails down here in Queensland and I am very impressed. As I drove up Rainbow Beach I eyed Fraser Island across the water and thought "someday..." David
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    Buying Beat-Up 80 for Parts?

    Can anybody comment on this...
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    Drain Pipe Roof Rack Shower, I Think

    Hi everybody - my name's David and I spend most of my time in the 80's section, but saw something today this section might be more interested in. It was on an 80 with a full size roof rack. Surrounding the sides and back of the rack and attached by straps and brackets were three rack length...
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