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  1. JamesR

    Window vents powered by USB fans

    I saw this on YouTube. I thought I'd give it a try. The vents are cut from a "gutter guard" material I bought from Lowes. They were about $3 each. I bought 2 not knowing how many I would mess up. One should work if you cut carefully. I needed 2. Here's the link for Amazon - The fans are from...
  2. JamesR

    First Overland trailer build

    This started out as a boat trailer. I didn't have a good idea on what exact ally I wanted to end up with. Here's is a partial list of what I didn't do correctly: 1) the box is too small, it's about 3.5 feet wide and a little under 5 feet long. 2) the angle's aren't square 3) the fenders are...
  3. JamesR

    Centering the hood

    Hello Everyone - I searched and didn't find what I wanted or it didn't address my issue. I know there are 2 bolts per side that support the hood. I don't think it wouldn't be a good idea to remove those bolts. I think I could loosen them enough to move/slide the hood one direction or another...
  4. JamesR

    Mirrors for towing a small boxed trailer.

    Hello Everyone, When I built my rear bumper/spare tire carrier for my 60, I didn't do so with pulling a trailer in mind. So I built an off road trailer that I can't see while driving because of the rear tire. I didn't realize the trailer wouldn't be visible until the trailer was complete and...
  5. JamesR

    Mirrors for pulling a trailer.

    Hello Everyone, When I built my rear bumper/spare tire carrier for my 60, I didn't do so with pulling a trailer in mind. So I built an off road trailer that I can't see while driving because of the rear tire. (The last time I used the trailer was on the Georgia Traverse.) I'm currently using...
  6. JamesR

    Need new starter - original finally bit the dust

    The title says it all - I'm looking for vendor recommendations. Thanks.
  7. JamesR

    Running rich all of a sudden

    Hello all, Everything was great. I was sitting at a stop light and I noticed/felt a "burp". I drove a few yards before I could pull over. It was smoking from the exhaust and under the hood. A buddy of mine told me he thought it was the EGR valve that may be stuck. The same thing happened to him...
  8. JamesR

    New squeal/rattle in transmission/clutch

    Hello Everyone - I have an 87 60 stock engine (desmoged), stock 4 speed, stock transfer case. I'm not good at diagnosing problems - but I can swap out parts (most of the time). I've searched but can't find what I need. When I am accelerating in first I hear this noise. When I depress the clutch...
  9. JamesR

    Engine Bay lighting

    Somehow this got posted twice...the other post is more informative than this one. I couldn't figure out how to delete this one. Sorry. I installed 3 lights in my engine bay to make it easier to see. The switch is located on the drivers side near the inner fender.
  10. JamesR

    Engine Bay Lighting

    I've always found it difficult to locate the dipstick to check oil. It's difficult to locate the dipstick tube to replace the dipstick once oil has been checked. Today I added 3 lights to my engine bay. One on each side of the engine and one on the hood that points down to the air cleaner. The...
  11. JamesR

    Replacing rear leaf spring OEM reserable shackle bushings

    I searched for suggestions/instructions on how to do this and not really finding a list (Maybe I didn’t read enough of the results.) I thought I throw one together. I took me about 2 weeks to complete this task, primarily because of the rain we had in GA and because I wasn’t sure how to complete...
  12. JamesR

    Backup camera revisited

    A couple of years ago I installed a backup camera (somewhere in the best mods for 50 section but I couldn't find it). Everything worked well until I built an off road trailer. Due to the location of my spare tire I couldn't see the trailer at all. Installed the camera - problem solved...sort of...
  13. JamesR

    What should this vacuum line be attached to?(please)

    This line seems to come from the top of the manifold and/or bottom of the carb. It's open so it's sucking air. When you put your finger on it to stop the air intake the engine's idle slows down and it seems the engine runs smoother. Any/all help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. JamesR

    LED bar above windshield

    I'm considering installing one of these...I'm concerned about excessive wind noise. Realizing the answer is subjective, I'm still going to ask the question. How bad is the wind noise when an LED light bar is installed above your windshield? (1=can't tell it's there - 10 tropical storm) Thanks
  15. JamesR

    "Safari" rack for trailer

    I completed stage 2 of the build. Stage 3 is to fab up some type of hinge so the rack will lift up. This trailer was an old boat trailer. In retrospect, I should have made the trailer a little larger. This was my first trailer build. I learned a lot.
  16. JamesR

    LED light bar above the windshield...part II - How much wind noise?

    Hello All, Once again, a search did not provide the information I needed. I notice some wind noise when my bike rack is on top. I'm assuming an LED light bar above the windshield will cause some wind noise. My guess is it'll be a whistle. Here's the question: "Is the noise caused by a LED light...
  17. JamesR

    light bar mounted above the windshield..

    Hello All, I have a 86 60 and I think I want to mount a LED light bar above the windshield. I've played around with this idea, did a few searches but didn't find anything. I really don't want to drill holes; I want to utilize the rain gutters. Any ideas, photos, suggestions, reasons why or why...
  18. JamesR

    VHF UHF Ammo Can Go Box

    I have a FT-2800 mounted in my 86 FJ 2800. I wanted to build a VHF/UHF ammo can go box. I have an HF, VHF/UHF, go box that’s larger and used for EMCOMM, but I also wanted a smaller go box for camping. I’m in the process of building a solar generator to power the go boxes so my design of the ammo...
  19. JamesR

    Replacement radiator suggestions/recommendations

    Hello All, After reading a lot of search results that didn't really address the question, I thought I'd just ask it. My old stock radiator is leaking, badly. So I need to shop for a new one. So...what is recommended? Here's what I'm thinking about...
  20. JamesR

    timing chain cover removal

    I searched but I may not have used the right combination of key words. I'm in the process of repairing my key way on the crank shaft by welding material that was worn down. I need to remove the timing chain cover. The cover's lowest point is lower than the oil pan. Do I need to drain the oil...
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