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  1. RHINO

    electricity and lighting

    didnt really see a thread on this subject so i thought it might be helpfull to post this all the lights on the right side of my troopy are dimmer than the left side, including the headlight. i am thinking a ground issue, and i understand a headlight dim issue with theyre own ground wires, but...
  2. RHINO

    Wanted Troopy storage door

    Does anybody happen to have the jack storage door to suit a troopy they want to sell? Thanks
  3. RHINO

    Troopy jumpseats

    Anybody happen to have a couple pics of the straps that hold the seats in the stowed position? Thanks
  4. RHINO

    MUDShip Bend OR to anywhere in or near Az

    4 tires/wheels please
  5. RHINO

    SOLD heater

    i'd really like to get heat in my LHD 75, all i really need are the pipes that pass through the firewall, but, whole core? whole unit? whatcha got? thanks
  6. RHINO

    Wanted 4:56 3rds

    looking for a pair of 9.5" 3rds with 4:56 gears loaded, either sale or partial trade for my stock 4:10. figured i'd have a look before buying new or re-gearing mine.
  7. RHINO

    Wanted 1FZ-F

    Just starting to look around to see if anybody has one to sell
  8. RHINO

    1FZ engine

    Hi everybody, I am just starting to look around for a 1FZ engine and thought I would see what might be local to AZ before I check elsewhere. edit, ideally i'd like a 1FZ-F, but thats unlikely, so i'm at two extremes here,,,, i cheap long block to rebuild and convert to carb, or a complete take...
  9. RHINO

    SOLD speedometer

    i find myself i need of a speedometer unit,,, its for a 1988 troopy, but i'm not sure it matters, i believe this is the correct part number 83110-90K03 thanks
  10. RHINO

    Wanted Heater

    My troopy is GCC spec, a/c but no heat. Looking for the heater unit and as much of the other parts as i can get. LHD application Thanks
  11. RHINO

    Wanted mud flaps

    It seems my post in another thread for model specific keeps getting booted, so I'll play the game and post here. I have this style mudflap on the front and want to get a pair for the rear. Has anybody seen this style, is it a Toyota part and is there a source or part number? Thanks
  12. RHINO

    Mud flaps

    I have this style mudflap on the front, and bolts where they used to be on the rear. I'd like to get a rear pair but not having much luck finding them. Anyone seen this style and have a source or part number? Thanks
  13. RHINO

    SOLD 70 series door pulls

    My last couple requests for parts have been answered in spades,, thanks mud ! How about interior door pulls for my troopy? I only NEED the left side, but a matching pair would be great! Thanks in advance
  14. RHINO

    SOLD 70 series door scuff plates

    maybe somebody has a pair of door scuff plates for a 70 series they can let go? thanks
  15. RHINO

    SOLD Glass weatherstrip

    Anybody have an outer glass weatherstrip, (belting?) non wing window 75 troopy Thanks
  16. RHINO

    Wanted one steelie

    looking for what i think is no longer made,,, just need one. 16x7 3.5"bs 8 spoke wagon wheel. thanks in advance.
  17. RHINO

    Heater units

    Hi team, so I have a GCC spec troopy with a/c but no heat. I want to start putting together the info and the parts I'll need to get heat in my rig. It looks like the heater core housing (damper and controls) are RHD and LHD specific. What about everything else, seems like it will all be...
  18. RHINO

    driveshaft issues

    so, ive got a vibration on the troopy that i identified as bad u-joint(S). got under the truck and started feeling, sure enough all four seem to be loose, and the slider splines are loose as well. under closer look the u joint cups seem to be loose in the yokes. i havent gotten new ujoints yet...
  19. RHINO

    My Troopy "KABOOM"

    After a long time coming, it's finally my turn to join the club. This isnt going to be much a build thread,,,, it WILL be an owners thread, a journal if you will. My goal is to keep the history and patina of its past alive, while fixing what needs to be fixed and getting everything up to...
  20. RHINO


    Just thought I'd throw this out there,,,, I'm sure I'll want to replace the 3F in my troopy, and I started looking at, and planning an LS swap. But the more I think about it, the more I want to keep my cruiser,,,, well,,, cruiser. Maybe I'm more of a purist than I give myself credit for. Now I...
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