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  1. bloc

    Sudden HVAC drift

    Hello all, I’ve had my 13 cruiser since 2018. Basically from the minute I picked it up, the AC has been set at 74 and I’ve been happy with that. I did notice on long road-trips I might need to go up to 76 because it would start blowing a bit cold, but this was rare. Over the past few months...
  2. bloc

    Sunroof drain cleaning tool

    I recently had to deal with two inches of water in one side of the floor board of my daily driver due to clogged sunroof drains. Fortunately it doesn’t have a harness on the floor like our 200s do, but the process of preventing the issue in the future got me hunting for equipment. Everyone...
  3. bloc

    Ads/videos being served over attached photos for paying members

    Browsing here today, video started playing over images that seem to be attached to posts as normal. Safari on iOS 15.6.1 Is this expected behavior?
  4. bloc

    Stock skid plate / splash guard bolt locations & part numbers

    It seems this comes up pretty often, and having just removed my stock skids it was easy to take the picture I had been thinking of for a while. You'll need three part numbers to attach the stock splash guards. 12x M8 large washer bolt, these go into the purple locations on the diagram...
  5. bloc

    A tale of two heater T's

    I got my truck with 105k on it, and dropped/filled the coolant at 120k. At the time I took a look at the heater T's and they were perfect. Between this and not hearing much about T failures I assumed toyota fixed the problem from the 100-series. Then I see a few posts about people having them...
  6. bloc

    Slee skids with factory bumper and plastic air dams

    Hello all, I'm considering picking up the slee skid system on a roadtrip through colorado but wondered whether anyone had already done something I'd like to try.. Their instructions call for removing the plastic air dams that tidy up the stock front bumper out near the ends. As stock they...
  7. bloc

    Big brakes for 08-15 using 16+ parts

    Anyone paying attention to this section recently will have noticed @TeCKis300 excellent thread on an easy big brake kit for 08-15 cruisers using Tundra parts. Deep in that thread info emerged that fitting the 16+ brakes was more easy than initially thought, and as that method has been developed...
  8. bloc

    Vinyl wrap color repository

    Hello all, I had an idea a while back and here’s my attempt at it. As many of us play around with vinyl wraps, having a list in one place of colors that are a good match for our vehicles or parts seems useful. I’m open to further suggestions, but please post the vinyl brand and color name &...
  9. bloc

    SOLD Central Texas: 1996 LX450/FZJ80 Electrical Wiring Diagram book

    Selling this Toyota original 1996 LX450 EWD hard copy. In good shape, at times easier to navigate and more useful than PDF versions, though I’d use both in my electrical work. Note that there are some very small differences between 1996 and 1997 LX450, so year model can be important. I know...
  10. bloc

    Fuel system treatment/cleaner

    Hello all, I’ve been blindly dumping a bottle of Techron into my fuel tanks every oil change for years, I now realize simply because it gave me the feel goods. I have no data to support spending the money.. If we generally use “top tier” fuel (which is just a branding thing, as far as I...
  11. bloc

    HID Cruiser/LX low beam bulb options

    Hello all, Recently bought a new (used) daily and it needing a new HID bulb caused me to revisit options in the upgraded HID bulb world. For starters we use a D4S bulb in the 13-15 Cruiser, and I'd assume the LX570 is the same. I've been a happy user for a couple years of the Philips...
  12. bloc

    Glimpses of the 2023 Dakar 300

    Been going down a rabbit hole of dakar 2022 media with the 200, and noticed some 300-series testing for the 2023 race. Starts at about 2:45
  13. bloc

    Congrats to Team LandCruiser and Toyota Auto Body - Dakar 2022 win!

    Congrats to Toyota Auto Body, Team LandCruiser, and Toyo Tires for winning Dakar for the 9th consecutive time! This will be the last year using the 200-series platform. They finished #1 & 2 in their series of the Production Car Class, 51st and 52nd overall. Akira Miura drove the #242 car...
  14. bloc

    Posting link to google sheet

    Hello.. I started a thread on my method of organizing maintenance and intended to post a public link to the google sheet I use. Looks like BBCode embeded it, and any attempt to just post the link and make it clickable just embeds it again. Even using the "link" embed tool. Is there some...
  15. bloc

    Maintenance log/spreadsheet ideas & discussion

    As a result of encouragement from a couple people I'm putting a thread together to talk about how we track maintenance on our rigs. The idea of a cloud-accessed spreadsheet was a game changer for me, personally, putting all of the information I need to plan and do work in one spot, accessible...
  16. bloc

    Ski carrier on stock cross bars - need vertical mightymount

    Hello all, I found some older yakima ski carriers super cheap on CL and need to get them to work on my rig. I have a set of 23H Mightymounts but the ski carriers need a "V" vertical mightymount. I checked, there is no 23V. Has anyone found a vertical mighty mount that works for us? Even if it's...
  17. bloc

    Tire chain & cable discussion - not "will it fit"

    Hello all, I'm looking into tire chains to have on-hand and being from Texas there isn't much in the way of experienced advice local to me. Figured I'd see what others on here think, since this could go beyond myself. I want to get a set of chains for the rear of my cruiser, running...
  18. bloc

    SOLD Central Texas : 1993-1994 FZJ80 VAF aka MAF 22250-66010

    1993-1994 FZJ80 VAF aka MAF Worked great when pulled for the LS swap in my 80. Never adjusted or opened. $150 shipped flat-rate. Paypal only.
  19. bloc

    SOLD ***SOLD*** Central Texas : 1993-1994 FZJ80 ECU 89661-60221

    ***SOLD*** Finally cleaning off the shelves. Working ECU pulled from my 1994 FZJ80 when I did the LS swap. Part number 89661-60221 $75 shipped flat-rate Let me know if there are any questions
  20. bloc


    Hello all, Obviously understanding KDSS is kindof my thing, so the electronic KDSS on the LC300 has my attention. Figured I'd start a thread as a source for info and discussion on this new system. So first off, both bars are locked/unlocked independent of each other. This is a major departure...
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