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  1. c2dfj45

    Wanted Fj40/FJ60 3.73 front and rear 3rd members that can be shipped to Tampa.

    Looking for some 3.73 3rd members from a late 40 or a 60 that can be shipped to Tampa FL..... Thanks
  2. c2dfj45

    FJ60/62 Hood Strut Kits ready to ship

    We've been building hood strut kits for the 70 series trucks for a while....decided to branch out into the 60 series as we had one in the shop for a few months. Some of the parts crossed over which was great. We're offering a hood strut kit to get rid of the prop rod and the OEM helper...
  3. c2dfj45

    Wanted Hickey Sidewinder winch

    Thinking about putting one of these on a vintage build I've been playing around with.....let me know what you've got. Thanks.
  4. c2dfj45

    For Sale Tampa FL, 2019 LC200 lots of upgrades!

    Selling this beautiful Attitude Black 2019 LC200 for a customer(mud member).....this truck is in immaculate shape. Mod list below. 36,931 miles. Meticulously maintained and serviced. We've done some of the mods, owner did some. Truck is well sorted and ready to go. Hard to find any issues...
  5. c2dfj45

    Wanted Longshot....FJ80 3F LHD 5 speed manual conversion parts wanted

    Looking for console, transmission(H150), shifter, shifter boot, bellhousing, clutch pedal assembly......all the rare stuff that is obsolete that everyone else is looking for. Maybe someone has a stash squirreled away somewhere. Trying to do a 5 speed conversion in a 91 FJ80. Thanks!
  6. c2dfj45

    Let's swap a motor and do some other stuff to a 60....

    I wasn't going to do a thread on this 60 but figured why not. No 79 series builds going on right this I wanted to slip the 60 into the shop and knock it out quick. I doubt it will be quick but I'm going to try my best. I bought this truck 3 years was for sale...
  7. c2dfj45

    Wanted 3FE cylinder head or complete motor

    Mud seller sold me a cracked 3FE cylinder head so I need one to replace it with.....let me know what you have. Also interested in complete takeout motors.....always looking for them. Thanks!
  8. c2dfj45

    Wanted 15x8 vintage wagon wheels with 3.5" backspace.....cross posting

    Posted this in the wheel/tire section....wanted to cross post here as there might be a bit more traffic. Working on a new project truck that came with some 15x8 3.5" back spaced white wagon wheels and some really cool old Tru Trac tires. The tires are from the 70s....don't want to take them off...
  9. c2dfj45

    Wanted 15x8 vintage white wagon wheel with 3.5" back spacing only

    Working on a new project truck that came with some 15x8 3.5" back spaced white wagon wheels and some really cool old Tru Trac tires. The tires are from the 70s....don't want to take them off the wheels so I'm going to try and find a set of nice wagon wheels and put on some new rubber on...
  10. c2dfj45

    The FJ40 that time forgot.....

    I went back and forth on doing a thread on this recently acquired FJ40......I'm more familiar with never ending build threads so this one will be a little different(for me at least) but I find this truck so interesting, I wanted to share. And for sure more pics and less words than I am used to...
  11. c2dfj45

    3FE and accessories including harness

    Looking for a 3FE(or 3FEs) to swap....need all the stuff to make it run including the body harness and the engine harness obviously. AFM, ECU, exhaust flanges, air box, coil......all the good stuff. Obviously pulled from a part-out would be ideal. Thanks
  12. c2dfj45

    I bought an FJ25 and I love it.....

    Not sure I really needed a 25 in my life but then again, how do I know I don't NEED a 25 in my life? :) This truck has been around.....@Foxfab was its caretaker but now 'Odie' has a new home in sunny FL. Delivered to crawl around it and drive it. Seems like an old friend as I...
  13. c2dfj45

    Wanted Early FJ40 dash with ribs

    Thinking about doing a backdated FJ40 build on a 76.....I'd love to put an early ribbed dash in it. Just need the dash....nothing else but bonus if there is a light and wiper switch. Let me know what you have.
  14. c2dfj45

    Wanted FJ40 2F fan shroud

    Looking for a fan shroud from a 2F powered FJ40. Thanks.
  15. c2dfj45

    A442 shift point question for the HDJ81 guys

    Need some input from the A442F HDJ81 guys......doing some shakedown work in my recently swapped 1hdt/A442 out of a 91 so a full hydraulic trans.......I 'think' the trans has an issue when it shifts from 3rd to 4th but I don't know as I have never driven one of these trucks. Figured I could get...
  16. c2dfj45

    MUDShip McKinney TX to Tampa.....shorty 4 door pickup bed on pallet

    I've got a short 4 door LC79 pickup bed on 3 stacked pallets with a fender/rad support and auto transmission in the bed that needs to come from McKinney TX to Tampa...going to give this a try vs. Fastenal or YRC. Can't have any damage to the bed OR have any of the parts inside grow legs and...
  17. c2dfj45

    Wanted FJ80 only gear indicator display

    Need an FJ80 floor shifter gear indicator display for our A442F swap....I've got several FZJ80s but I need the PRND32L that is on the FJ80. Let me know what you have! Thanks.
  18. c2dfj45

    For Sale 80 series Kut Snake Fender Flares, NEW!

    Blowing out a set of Kut Snake standard sized fender flares for an 80 series......these were shipped out and returned and have 2 minor blemishes on them....some light scratches on one and some minor scuffing on the other. The damage would probably come out with a heat gun but I can't sell them...
  19. c2dfj45

    Big money for this one....

    Really cool truck....anyone know it? Looks super nice....
  20. c2dfj45

    Anyone have troopy interior panel CAD drawings?

    For the life of me I know I saw where somebody had CAD drawings(I think they were CAD) for interior panels on a Troopy....does anyone know who had those? I can't find them.....must have been in a build thread somewhere. I need new ones and this may save some time making new ones.
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