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    Parting Out 2000 LC LKQ RALEIGH

    Jesus christ can anyone on this forum read?
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    Parting Out 2000 LC LKQ RALEIGH

    I'm guessing you guys don't have or understand lkq. This thing went to China via a crushed box a few weeks after I posted. After vehicles are stripped they crush them.
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    I'll spend what I have to get it right as I love the ahc. I bled it again and the accumulator had some air but the globes were solid fluid. I'll keep working it, I have another can of fluid
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    180k, new ahc globes, pressure adjustment via tech stream and torsion adjustment, rear spring spacers, new fluid. What I've noticed is some "jerking " while the ahc is adjusting. Any ideas on what it may be? Seems to be the rear, possibly a bad ram?
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    The Great ONSC Gun Thread
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    The Great ONSC Gun Thread
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    The Great ONSC Gun Thread

    Whatever your budget allows.
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    The Great ONSC Gun Thread

    Me....I'd order a complete upper and complete lower from psa. Get something with a nice free float rail and magpul furniture. Throw a nice red dot or 1.5-4 scope on it and enjoy
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    How-To: TechStream In 5 Minutes

    I bought one from the guy here, no problems works great
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    Random For Sale/Wanted to include CL, Ebay, etc

    Wish it was the wide version
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    For Sale NC BFG K02 275 60 20

    4 tires for sale 275 60 20 k02 tires. Worst wear is on shoulder of a couple but some decent tread left. Located NC 27325 $100 FIRM WILL DELIVER UP TO 60 MILES FOR 50C/MILE
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    Builds Project Rehab

    ^^^ looks like you left a highway gator somewhere. Like this build idea, can't wait to see it cut up.
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    Wait...that costs what now???

    On sale at tsc for $45
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    For Sale NC 2000 LX470 Parts

    OEM running boards $200
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    Want to do some beach camping/surf fishing

    I did oregon inlet and ocracoke campgrounds in May. Loved every second of it, highly recommend it!
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    For Sale NC 2000 LX470 Parts

    2000 Lx470 wheels/tires. Tires Michelin LTX, good tread 5(spare is old and would replace) $500 OEM Roof rack $150 Front bumper/foam/metal support $250 2nd row carpet $50 WILL NOT SHIP, MEET WITHIN REASONABLE DISTANCE FROM 27325
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    For Sale SoCal CA - 100 AHC all parts

    How much for the part with kyb on it? It's the long cylinder.
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    For Sale SoCal CA - 100 AHC all parts

    Just curious what did you get for the globes?
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    LKQ part help

    That and the upper rear panels around the rear window were my had to have parts. My lx one is busted and the sides are beat up and gouged. Like the LC ones better as they are plastic and not that vinyl coated crap
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    The Great ONSC Gun Thread

    Eliminate soft targets, eliminate mass shootings
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