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    Stopping a 6k lb 80 on 38's better than our bone stock LX450 with refreshed brakes. F+R "motorsport grade" brake upgrade.

    Some of you may follow me on IG and know I’ve been working on this in my spare time for the better part of the past year. Idea came way before when I still lived in NZ and having experience with some of the steeper trails there, but even being back here in BC you can be driving through mountain...
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    For Sale Quebec, CA: Tough Dog 4" lift coils LOWERED PRICE

    Had on the cruiser for about 11k km. Purchased when I was based in NZ and have since imported the rig to Canada and needed to swap coils to meet QC road regulations... 🙄 $200usd($275cad) + shipping $200 CAD + Shipping
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    Importing to Canada: Registration in BC vs Quebec

    Wondering if we've got any Quebecoi mudders here? I'm currently based out of NZ and picked up a cruiser that I'll be bringing back with me to Canada. I lived in BC for 6 years so have done my research on importing and registering a RHD car into BC. There's a chance I'll end up in Montreal, but...
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    RTT: Extended vs Standard?

    Just curious as to what people chose if they had the option of the two. And why? I'm in the market for a RTT and each one I'm considering have extended and standard versions and can't decide which I prefer.
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    High end audio: Front stage SQ build

    Thought I'd share recent update to the car audio on the Land Cruiser Pioneer AVH-4200 headunit Hertz H8 DSP Hertz HDP1 1000w mono amp Hertz HDP4 150w*4-channel amp Hertz DPower4(4 channel bridged to 150w*2) Hertz HX300D 12" subwoofer Fully Active 3-way Hertz Mille Pro speakers up front, all...
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    Black Mamba Racing Weld-in Drop Box?

    I'm in the process of getting my new suspension(4") installed and have decided on going the drop box route vs castor plates. Did a quick search here but doesn't seem to come up with anything. Has anyone run these before? These are different as they push the diff forward 12mm. Pros/Cons with...
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    Builds New Here. Freshly aquired low mileage FZJ81 + Build thread

    Hey mudders, Been a lurker for a while as I've been gathering up info for purchasing an LC80. Just arrived at my door yesterday, freshly imported from Japan. It's a low mileage 1992 FJZ81 with 1FZ-FE and only 115k km(71k miles). Pretty stoked about acquiring one, as things just fell into place...
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