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  1. Unimogguy

    Wanted FJ45 SWB Tail lights

    I purchased a set from @PapaFJ40 and was very pleased with price, shipping and quality of the part. I know I’ll likely never see another original set for sale. Now I just need to find a SWB bed to build a trailer for my ‘63 SWB FHT. Last original set that I saw sold went for $730...
  2. Unimogguy

    For Sale SWB Fixed Cab Rear Split Window Rubber Extrusion Group Buy

    Third this. I could also use a template. Thank you Roger!
  3. Unimogguy

    For Sale Fj40 /45 parts

    SWB or LWB? Price?
  4. Unimogguy

    For Sale FACEBOOK several different 45's

    New one: 1967 Toyota FJ45 SWB - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive... - $72k I didn’t think they made the SWB RHT in but I could be wrong?!?! I thought they were produced ‘64, ‘65, ‘66. But maybe...
  5. Unimogguy

    For Sale FACEBOOK several different 45's

    New one in Virginia Beach, VA.
  6. Unimogguy

    New to me 63 fj45

    @sofj45 I’m not sure if it’s correct or not but the 2 Vader lights I have are pewter. Maybe one of the more knowledgeable experts will be kind enough to chime in and let us know for certain.
  7. Unimogguy

    New to me 63 fj45

    @sofj45 Nice looking trucks! Don’t take this the wrong way. I’m curious with this level of restoration why you used the later model hub caps instead of acorns? Again not trying to nit pick just curious.
  8. Unimogguy

    Builds Peabody A Old Miner’s 64 SWB FJ45

    Here’s the info I have: This manual doesn’t show any info for a LWB pickup . Also there are no 1964 LWB pickup models listed in the LWB pickup owners list? Were some manufactured in ‘64 and then sold (brass tagged) in ‘65 and titled as such...
  9. Unimogguy

    Towing / Weight Question

    I’m not a lawyer but I’d bet if you allow him to use the trailer and something catastrophic happens you’ll subject yourself to potentially being held legally liable. Have the buyer rent a Uhaul single axle trailer (rear axle of 40 is on the ground) or use a Uhaul 2 axle trailer. And have them...
  10. Unimogguy

    For Sale SoCal: FJ45 driver’s seat side panel

    Ugh! Thanks for the heads up! Calling you now. I’m sorry! Called left VM.
  11. Unimogguy

    Wanted Paragould Arkansas

    Friendly suggestion…people are lazy don’t make them click on your ad to determine if they have what you need. Change the title to (something like this): Pre 1985 SBC 5.7 w/ 4 speed adapter Local to Paragould, Arkansas
  12. Unimogguy

    Wanted Fj40 Soft Top Bows & Top
  13. Unimogguy

    For Sale Fj40 /45 parts

    What year models? Pics? US spec or SA or CA or AUS or ???
  14. Unimogguy

    For Sale FACEBOOK several different 45's

  15. Unimogguy

    Wanted US Spec 1979-1983 FJ40 Hard to beat less than 5,000 original miles and from the LC museum
  16. Unimogguy

    Wanted roof support

    Crap! I forgot to take pics. I’m setting a reminder on my phone now to do it tomorrow.
  17. Unimogguy

    Wanted East Tennessee, 1978 or close FJ40 rust free body, rolling project, or tub.

    Looks like you decided to list it for sale on FB? GLWS or restoration! If I come across any solid bodies I’ll be sure to send them your way...
  18. Unimogguy

    1972 FJ40 “for sale”……the 40 market?????

    Tells the wife “I don’t know why no one wants to buy it”?!?!? Secretly hoping over pricing it allows him to keep it…nah you guys are probably right! Then again maybe that would just be me?
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