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  1. Horsehead

    For Sale '76 fj40 for sale

    Hey folks! I haven't been on here in a long time, as family life has kind of taken over all my free time that was once available for the cruiser. I'm trying to sell the truck in order to get something to haul the family around in, so I would consider a trade on a Honda Odyssey if anyone is...
  2. Horsehead

    Moving to Raleigh

    Hey there folks, long time since I've been around the forums, but between working, planning a wedding, and planning a move to Raleigh I haven't had a lot of free time, plus the bearing on the output shaft of the transfer case of my 40 went out.... So yea, I just haven't been in the landcruiser...
  3. Horsehead


    Unfortunately, I got laid off on monday and am currently looking for a new job. Any of ya'll know of openings in the Greenville area? I'd sure appreciate any leads. Thanks!
  4. Horsehead

    Travel Agent anyone?

    So I need some help finding a good travel agent for my honeymoon in July. I've looked on AAA's website and at some of the different cruise ship websites and it's just frustrating. So if any of ya'll have ever used a good agent here in Greenville, let me know! p.s.- the 40 crapped out on me...
  5. Horsehead

    Deja Vu

    So today I was working in NC, surveying a border b/w a national forest and private land as well as the state line of NC and SC and the strangest thing happened. As we came around the corner of the trail in the SRV I thought things looked a little bit familiar. Well we kept on going and I saw a...
  6. Horsehead

    FJ60 FS in Greenville

    I was at the handlebar on Wednesday night and saw an 1985 FJ60 for sale. It's in pretty good condition. Stock, 2F, 205k I think. If I remember correctly he was asking $5,500 for it. I didn't get any pictures, but his number is 864-235-5049 if you're interested.
  7. Horsehead

    Looking for a new car

    Well folks, the search is on. I'm looking to buy a new vehicle and I figured I'd start here. I have about 7 or 8,000 to spend. I'd really like to get a Tacoma, older one that I can lift and put some tires on and do some mild wheeling. 4WD is a must, extended cab would be real nice. If anyone...
  8. Horsehead


    Well folks, the 40 is FINALLY running again. As of about 20 minutes ago I finished up buttoning everything back up and tuning in the carb. She purrs just like she did the day i bought her... Not really, that thing barely functioned when I bought it... It runs like it did before september. After...
  9. Horsehead

    Any answers??

    Marshall, You figure out what's wrong with your carb yet?? I got the itch to get my 40 back on the road... so, if anybody has an Aisin carb from the '76 era they want to let me borrow, that'd be great!
  10. Horsehead

    Need a huge favor

    Hey guys, here's the deal... My parents came down to Greenville this past weekend for my birthday and my dad and I worked on the cruiser for a little while on sunday afternoon and he thinks it's a carb problem that's got it doing all the funny stuff it's doing. So, what I need from you is one...
  11. Horsehead

    Idle problem, reverse engine rotation

    I searched the forums and can't find anything specifically related to this. Here's my problem. The engine will run at a higher RPM, but when it goes to idle it cuts off. Not only does it cut off but it's pretty violent, the crank does some crazy reverse spin action and exhaust gas/ fuel is...
  12. Horsehead


    First a '93 Montero, now a '97 Heep? what's next? a '95 Cavalier? haha... ohhh, this just amuses me to no end. Does that make me a bad person?
  13. Horsehead

    What a great President we have

    So, I'm on my way to church tonight in Mauldin. Thought I'd take the 40 out, since I haven't in a while. Boy, what an adventure! I got all the way to Butler Rd when all of the sudden NO GO! So I checked a few things, made a few adjustments, nothing. I called Alex, Alan, JP, and Marshall.. And...
  14. Horsehead

    Winshield Install

    Ok folks, I used the search and didn't get nothin good, soooo don't flame me. Onto my question. I just ordered a new windshield gasket from SOR. The cruiser is a '73. Does anyone have suggestions on how to get the key into the gasket once the winshield is in the frame? Is there an order for...
  15. Horsehead

    Windsheild: Alex, Troll?

    Alex, Troll, Either of ya'll have a windsheild available? I know it was mentioned a while back... just wondering cause the 40 is comming up for inspection in a few weeks (yea, we still have to do that in NC) and there ain't no way he'll pass with a windsheild like mine.. SOooooooooo, yea.. Just...
  16. Horsehead

    I'm cursed

    Guys, I think I have a hex on me. The past two times I've been wheeling I've gone over on my side. Fortunately this weekend it wasn't my rig, or my fault. I was just an innocent passanger! At the Big Daddy Offroad thingy jigger saturday, Erick (ONSC) flooped his zuk on it's side... some good...
  17. Horsehead

    OCMS Comes to Greenville

    I thought I'd move this over here, as we were talking about it in the ONSC thread... Old Crow Medicine Show will be playing at the Handlebar in Greenville on July 13, that's a thursday night, at 9:00. I believe tickets are $15, I already ordered mine. This is definitely going to be a great...
  18. Horsehead

    For all you North Greenville Alum... [pic]

    This is a picture from page 4 of our newest annual... Pretty darn funny, although I'm not sure how this gets past the editors... Enjoy!
  19. Horsehead

    My First Rollover!!!

    Well I had a little accident yesterday... Went wheelin in the mountains of NC with the FJ Cruiser trail team. Fourtunately they had a winch and were able to upright me fairly quick. No oil in the cylanders, ran strong for several more hours after I flopped her... Got me home with a few ratchet...
  20. Horsehead

    Need Some Help...

    Hey ya'll... I need some help from someone in the greenville area. My starter kicked the bucket last week and it took until today to get a new one. So I installed the new one and the battery is so weak from being cranked on and sitting that it won't turn the engine over. I tried using jumper...
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