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  1. OEMGUY0720

    Led blinker relay

    I will definitely try this. Thanks!
  2. OEMGUY0720

    Engine stalls after highway trave

    For that mileage and no history of the pump not being replaced, I think your factory fuel pump lasted longer than mine. Mine showed deteriorated symptoms at 230k miles (2 years socal truck, 9 yrs Houston TX truck, 4 yrs and counting Las Vegas NV truck).
  3. OEMGUY0720

    Engine stalls after highway trave

    Okay. Reason I asked is with the similar OAT (outside air temp), I had the same experience. OAT 97°F, humidity 8%, coolant temp 200°F (real-time reading on the OBD Fusion wireless app) I had the same stalling issues. I have an 06 VVTi 2UZFE as well. And replacing the fuel pump with part number...
  4. OEMGUY0720

    Engine stalls after highway trave

    Do you remember what was the outside temperature when the cruiser stalled?
  5. OEMGUY0720

    a-trac 101

    Priceless. Lol
  6. OEMGUY0720

    80% Off-Road tire swing out installed

    Would you know if the spare tire can be custom-ordered to be placed in the middle? Wanted to expose the taillights and not reduce rear end visibility because of the 34/35 inch tires.
  7. OEMGUY0720

    a-trac 101

    Yes, like loose sand, mud is more often full send style (use momentum to your advantage) combined with good mud tires. and yes low and slow on rocks surfaces. Our LCs/LXs aren’t good for both because of its weight.
  8. OEMGUY0720

    a-trac 101

    -Yes, Low Range and D. Correct, low revs only 1500-2000 rpm max. Gently step on the gas pedal. At times it will feel like it’s not going to move forward because the wheel that has the least resistance will spin until the ATRAC senses it and will apply independent brake pressure on that wheel...
  9. OEMGUY0720

    100’s without roof racks

    Clean lines, that’s also one of my reason why I removed my factory roof rack and rails.
  10. OEMGUY0720

    Drop in MPG... yep, another mileage thread

    My aging 06 LX has the following: •260k miles •16 yrs old •No roof rack/rail •275/70R18 Falken Wildpeak AT3 @ 34PSI on all four corners and same at the factory spare. •Dissent alum front bar with stinger (small center loop), winch not installed yet. •Dissent aluminum full skid plate. •Factory...
  11. OEMGUY0720

    Best replacement radiator for the money today...

    Care to share the link where you ordered it? Thanks
  12. OEMGUY0720

    For Sale Birmingham, Alabama: 2013, lexus, lx570 200 series, 89,900 miles PENDING SALE

    That interior is mint. I would’ve jumped on this if I didn’t got a P. Cayenne last week. Good luck with the sale.
  13. OEMGUY0720

    Welcome to the Southern Nevada Landcruisers!

    I always see that 80 series there and asked the same question, are those Idaho plates?
  14. OEMGUY0720

    WDYD What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Drained and filled the oil, swapped a new oil filter, finally put in the Fumoto and boy sure is convenient now moving forward to do those oil changes especially with the dissent skid plate there. Took her out last night to aim those 6” rigid sae fogs and DD spots.
  15. OEMGUY0720

    Am I dumb? $32k for an 06 with 98k miles…

    Actual pics?
  16. OEMGUY0720

    Saying G'day, here's Aussie spec 100series.

    Interested to know more about the work you did on your A750 valve body. Nevertheless that’s a good looking Land Cruiser you got.
  17. OEMGUY0720

    Frame Swap

    I did it once a few years ago, but with two 80 series. One is an FZ and the other is an HDT. Fun times haha. It’s always the electrical/wiring that needs extra attention.
  18. OEMGUY0720

    Another thread about tires from a guy who has tried a ton of tires... need advice.

    I vote for Yokohama Geolandar MT003. Has a lot of good reviews and I love the side wall design, this checks your box for it looking aggressive and a true mud tire. This is potentially my next set of tires.
  19. OEMGUY0720

    What are you monitoring with OBD Fusion?

    Honestly I’m not sure if “GigEm” wifi name is your dongle wifi name. But this is what I see when I connect my iPhone to the Tonwon dongle wifi: I didn’t start the engine, and this is what I get once I am connected to V-Link and have launched the OBD Fusion App.
  20. OEMGUY0720

    What are you monitoring with OBD Fusion?

    Okay, here’s what you can try: • make sure the dongle is plugged in the OBD2 port • Turn the key in your ignition to acc position, no need to turn the engine on. • Go to your iPhone’s settings and hit WiFi. • What wifi names do you see there? We are looking for a wifi name related to your dongle.
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