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  1. 4runner2FJ60

    Wanted DELETE

    Wanted a late model Ac discharge hose from Condenser to Compressor. Any condition as long as it is in one piece, its for template. Here is a picture of the hose end.
  2. 4runner2FJ60

    For Sale VA: Advics Aisin BMT-051 Brake Master Cylinder NIB

    For sale: NIB Advics BMT-051 Brake master cylinder. Fits Toyota Pickups, V6 4Runner, T-100 1990-1995. $75
  3. 4runner2FJ60

    Wanted VA 80 complete rear axle housing

    Looking for a good condition FF disk brake 80 rear axle for conversion, unlocked preferred. Thanks
  4. 4runner2FJ60

    SOLD VA: FJ60 AC condenser brand new in the box Denso 477-0154

    For sale, Denso 477-0154 AC condenser brand new in the box. $140 free shipping
  5. 4runner2FJ60

    PCV Hose Question FJ60 2F

    Probably a dumb question, but I completed my desmog about a year ago and everything has been great. I also replaced the side cover gasket among other things, pcv valve, hoses....etc. My valve grommet has oil around where the valve passes thru it, and I also noticed the hose has oil sweating...
  6. 4runner2FJ60

    FJ60 Windshield Washer Hose replacement?

    For those of us that want to maintain our windshield washers, what hose would be the best replacement of the original?
  7. 4runner2FJ60

    Wanted Wanted: FJ60 Rear bumper bumper corner PS passenger side.

    Please PM me if you have a used good condition passenger side rear bumper corner. Thanks
  8. 4runner2FJ60

    Wanted Wanted: FJ60 PS passenger side chrome snake blinder.

    Please PM me if you have one in good condition. I am in VA. The chrome strip on the kickers that runs under the doors between wheels.
  9. 4runner2FJ60

    SOLD FJ40, FJ55, FJ60 VCV bracket/holder or spring clip.

    Looking for the slotted clip or holder for VCV with or without a bracket to hold it.
  10. 4runner2FJ60

    SOLD .

    For sale a less than 6 month old City Racer FJ60 fresh air intake hose with SS hose clamp. This is the OEM reproduction hose, works perfectly, but I just changed out my air cleaner style and no longer need it. Still looks brand new. $90 shipped.
  11. 4runner2FJ60

    For Sale VA: BJ60 Air Cleaner Intake hoses

    I have no idea what this is worth so let me know if I am out of line. $75 plus shipping.
  12. 4runner2FJ60

    SOLD VA: EGR Block Off plate and OEM inlet gasket

    Brand new UN-opened OEM EGR inlet gasket and block off plate from TLC performance - Jim C's store. Bought a while back and did not use. $40 shipped.
  13. 4runner2FJ60

    SOLD VA: FJ60 complete air cleaner assembly, in VERY good condition

    Very good condition air cleaner with new air filter only 1,200 miles on it. PM me with offers.
  14. 4runner2FJ60

    For Sale VA: FJ60 Smog Components

    Smog components for sale off an 84. Air Pump is not available. PM me if you are interested. The air rail is in good shape, one broken pipe at #6, but it could probably be welded back together. Intake not for sale, air cleaner for sell separate. Will part out and take offers.
  15. 4runner2FJ60

    SOLD .

    This is a great option for putting a snorkel on your FJ60. It is an FJ62 round air box with a modified FJ80 lid. $150 plus shipping. Thanks
  16. 4runner2FJ60

    SOLD .

    For sale as a set or part out: 1988 fj62 Rear bench seat, upholstery, and rear carpet with pad. 1984 rear seat frame with cushion. Upholstery is in great condition. No headrest available.
  17. 4runner2FJ60

    Union Joint rear heater riser pipe thing ???? Removal & leaking

    I'm having issues removing this piece in order to stop the coolant leak. I don't know the specific name of the part but I know it is no longer available, I plan to reuse and reseal this one. I figured out that i can and have loosened the T portion that leads to the firewall, and the outlet...
  18. 4runner2FJ60

    Temperature Gauge Issues...the saga continues

    I know this subject has been threaded many times on this forum :bang: however i exhausted the basic fixes at this point and feel the need to reach out. When I bought Bluebird October 2019 there were many repairs to be made. I put the temperature gauge toward the end of the immediate fix...
  19. 4runner2FJ60

    Noob Fj60 delivery with questions???? NO CHOKE?

    Hello all, I am a happy new FJ60 owner. It finally arrived from CA and it was better than i expected! Extremely thrilled, but i already have some possible issues mechanically. I am hoping some of you could shed light on some of them. I hope i don't find too much more! It is a 1984 1 owner...
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