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    ||| Official YT For Sale/Trade/Wanted Thread |||

    Time to let my Landcruier go to a new home so I can buy some different toys. Craigslist Ad
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    Fuller's Slopply 80 Chop

    I'm waiting for finished pics of this, now I know why I haven't seen it rolling around the hood. What does it look like now?
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    Tell me if this is a crazy idea...

    You got ball and claw in the front and 10 spline in the rear, you will need to replace the front and change the axel shafts in the rear, so you may as well run the ones you have set up with arb's. Considering the time and money I have spent getting disk brakes on all four corners, with chromo...
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    Sag mount reinforcement

    You need crush sleeves inside your frame where the bolts go thru.
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    VT- save this hardtop!

    Email sent.
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    How to identify stock fiber top FJ40

    The one non OEM top that I have seen did not have weep holes in the front corners, but then I have seen OEM tops with new rain gutters and no weep holes. My advice is to listen to what southbostonfj40 says because he has extensive experience selling both hard and soft tops and parts, and the...
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    Tuff Dog Return to Center (RTC) steering stabilizer

    What is the steering issue that you are trying to minimize with the steering damper?
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    5/1600 bug build

    This bug now lives in my garage. Progress is slow, but I just purchaced a parts bug with the intention of making a street legal baha. I would like to get the sheet metal work done this winter, maybe even the tube bending. It is going to be awhile before I pop for wheels tires and shocks, so I...
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    My Bad Day

    Might think about taking the rear drivshaft off, before driving to your friend shop. Al
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    SBC 350 hard start

    I had similar hot start problem with my SBC, then I added another new ground strap from block to frame. Everthing is good now. Good luck Al
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    Rear Disc Brake ?

    Read Poser's rear disk install thread. In it he talkes about grinding a little off the caliper so it fits in the bracket. I helped a fellow mudder do it this week and had the same problem, untill I looked at his instructions. Now it fits correctly. Good luck Al
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    A drifting newbie

    Search for Death Wobble and read away. Tires balanced, Alignment, check Caster, Tie Rod Ends, Steering Box Good luck
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    Dual Alternator Build-up

    Hay Czar, this thread is almost 5 years old.
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    V8 with turbo 350 swap.

    I have the same set up. You will need to address the cooling issue, shift linkages, t-case mounting and drive shaft length and about 100 other things. My only problem with this set up is gearing, while it is great on the road, it is geared too high for the trail. You bounce over rocks and things...
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    Next Project - Fixing PO Power Steering Debacle

    I just finished doing this project. I replaced the pos cast iron Downey plate that the PO put on. I used a weld on plate with two through bolts that I sleeved inside the frame horn. BTB sells that plate and they include another to box the passenger side. I used the tube that cruiser outfitters...
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    Knuckle Bearing Preload Problem

    Can you get you hands on the SST to measure where and how much to shim your knuckle. Who knows what has been done in the past by others. It is the only way to be sure you are getting it right.
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    The Daily Chat Thread

    Going to Jay on Monday. Give me a shout anytime you want to hit a local mtn. Al
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    Finally Got Her but stuck in low ?

    Disconnect shift likage at transfer case and shift manually.
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    Rear Bumper Build (First Time)

    It looks like you did a really nice job on the fabrication of your bumper, but you should consider starting over with thicker material. When I made mine last year I used 4"x6"x3/16" so that I could recess my tail lights into the bumper. I did this for two reasons, it provided protection for...
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    WELDERS....what does it take to weld a MT family kit?

    I cut, fit and tack welded mine, it took me a few evenings after work. Then paid a welder less then $100 to finish it.
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