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  1. avdeveloper

    Let's baseline my grandma's neglected, (20 year old to us) 1997 LX450

    Context The day after Christmas of 2002, my uncle and grandma went on an impulse buy and bought the truck with 80k mileage. We've taken it on weekend trips, commuting to school and work, grocery shopping. Basically anything but off-roading. We've actively driven it regularly for the next 12...
  2. avdeveloper

    My gas tank only leaks when it's 90% full

    I went for a full tank of gas today and started to smell fuel inside the cabin. I checked underneath and found that the gas tank was leaking fuel. I also noticed that the pump didn't make the usual click that tells me it's full. After taking out gas to about less than 90% (ballpark), the tank...
  3. avdeveloper

    Rusrty frame of my grandma's 1997 LX 450. How bad is it?

    It used to be the truck we ride in since 2000 whenever we go for long trips until I got a minivan in 2014. We didn't really maintain it that much after that. It's been sitting in the driveway so the car battery life was very short. I recently found out what being on the Salt belt meant and...
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