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  1. hodag

    Wanted TH350 to '84 split case adapter

    Looking for a TH350 to '84 split case adapter. I'm in Omaha, NE.
  2. hodag

    Wanted WTB FJ60 Wheels

    If youre still looking for FJ60 wheels, Ive got 3 sets. All are in good condition. Located in Omaha, NE.
  3. hodag

    5.3LS cam swap options?

    I'm doing a mild rebuild on a 2005 5.3LS before I drop it in my '78 FJ40. I'm planning on a new cam, and am leaning toward one of the Elgin "sloppy stage II" cams that can be had on the cheap. Has anyone used one of these cams? They offer about 3 different grinds, all with differing...
  4. hodag

    Wanted SOCAL FJ 60 WHEELS

    If you don't have any luck in SoCal, Ive got 3 sets (no center caps) in Omaha, NE (68132). $50 each + the ride.
  5. hodag

    Leafspring lengths FJ40 vs FJ60 for SOA

    I'm working on collecting parts for an SOA on my '78 FJ40. The current springs on the 40 look like a collection of mismatched springs from other vehicles put together by a blind man with his feet. I have access to a full set of stock '84 FJ60 springs that are in good condition. I know that the...
  6. hodag

    Chevy 350 Swap Reliability??

    With LS engines having been around for 20 years now, Id bet you'd have just as easy of a time finding an LS3 serpentine belt in a small town NAPA as you would for an SBC. And both will be easier to find than any 40 year old 2F.
  7. hodag

    Chevy 350 Swap Reliability??

    I see you're in Washington, so I don't know what your local prices are like, but I see complete LS engines every day on Craigslist for less than $1000 here in Nebraska. I paid $300 for my L33 5.3LS complete with ECM. I had to pull it, and that saved me $200. I'll end up paying more for the...
  8. hodag

    Builds The Sheepdog this thing is hairy! july 1977 blue fj40

    Are you happy with the results of the Eastwood Chassis Black. My FJ40 is coming apart to do the LS engine swap and I'd like to use that product on mine. Did you spray it or brush it? You went over Eastwood's rust converter?
  9. hodag

    Removing cross-bracing needed?

    I'm getting ready to pull the tub off the frame on my '78 FJ40. I have the stock roll bar out of it too. My question: Should I cross-brace the tub before removing it since the cage is out? Or is it stiff enough to stay straight?
  10. hodag

    FJ60 steering with flipped FJ60 springs (78 FJ40)

    I posted this in the FJ40/FJ55 forum but got no feedback. Maybe it'll work here. I'm working on my '78 FJ40. Laying out power steering. I have an '84 FJ60 steering box. I'm planning on a SOA using flipped FJ60 springs. Am I going to run into fitment issues? I'm assuming I'll need to relocate...
  11. hodag

    FJ60 power steering with flipped FJ60 springs.

    I'm working on my '78 FJ40. Laying out power steering. I have an '84 FJ60 steering box. I'm planning on a SOA using flipped FJ60 springs. Am I going to run into fitment issues? I'm assuming I'll need to relocate shock towers (F250?). If the towers are moved forward with the spring flip, will...
  12. hodag

    For Sale SOR headers for FJ40 with SBC

    Set of used Spector Off Road headers for an FJ40 with a small block Chevy. These are the ones that go over the stock steering box and through the lower edge of the inner fender. I have no use for them since my LS swap. They're in Omaha, NE. 68132 Buyer pays shipping. $25 OBO
  13. hodag

    Making early rear reflector instructions

    I love reading these posts from the hardcore restoration guys, even though its not my thing. You guys are meticulous. I dated a girl in highschool whose dad restored '57 Bel Airs. He had a rubber stamp made so that he could stamp the heater hoses every 8" with the original script that was used...
  14. hodag

    Wanted Wanted FJ 60 wheels

    Ive got 3 sets, but Im in Nebraska. Shipping might be cost prohibitive.
  15. hodag

    Wanted TH350 to '84 FJ60 transfer case adapter

    Looking for the adapter to go from a TH350 to an '84 FJ60 transfer case. Im in Omaha, NE 68132
  16. hodag

    Wanted TH350 to split-case adapter

    Looking for the adapter to go from TH350 to an '84 FJ60 t-case. Anyone have one theyre not using?
  17. hodag

    Wanted FJ-60 Mirror

    Ive got a set too, if you don't find one locally. Im in Omaha, NE though.
  18. hodag

    Wanted I need one poly body mount (preferably SOR)

    Does anyone have a spare polyurethane body mount laying around? I put on a full set of SOR mounts about 10 years ago. Im in the process of replacing my rear sill, and one of my mounts completely disintegrated when I pulled it out of the rear crossmember. It doesn't necessarily need to be an...
  19. hodag

    New rear sill/crossmember. POR15??

    Hey Claudia. Its been a while. I got out of the Cruiser game for a few years while I built a '51 Ford Tudor Custom. Sold the '51 to have funds to work on the FJ40. Now I'm able to do all the stuff that had been neglected (including an LS swap - hopefully).
  20. hodag

    New rear sill/crossmember. POR15??

    I have cut out my basically non-existent rear crossmember and sill. I built a new crossmember out of 2"x2" square stock. I cut out holes where the body mounts go, but other than that it is a continuous tube. I want to treat it before putting it back in permanently. I was planning on using POR15...
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