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  1. DoughNut

    Yo yo yo. New to the 200 series club.

    Finally able to join the cool kids club. Just picked up a 15 LX570 on my way back from COTR in Tennessee. Skid plates and sliders have already been ordered. That’s my 98 100 series on the left.
  2. DoughNut

    Anyone going to Cruisers on the Rocks??

    I’m headed out Tuesday morning to COTR in Windrock, Tennessee. Anybody else going? Any recommendations on where to camp on the way? I’m headed through Shreveport > Memphis > Nashville, or somewhere along that route.
  3. DoughNut

    Because I don’t have enough work to do….,

    I guess subconsciously I’m not busy enough. I picked a new project this morning, a 69 Chevy Nova. Why am I thinking about taking the SBC and putting it in my 100 series??? 🤣
  4. DoughNut

    295/70/18 tires

    Please post photos of your rig wearing 295/70/18 shoes. I am on the fence on the tires size to run. I’ve read every damn post regarding tire size. I need physical proof before I purchase this weekend. I feel that extra 1” between a 33” tire and a 34.4” will make all the difference. Thats what...
  5. DoughNut

    84 HJ60

    I own a 100 series. I’ve had an itch need for 60 series for awhile. I stumbled across this rig browsing the classifieds. This one checks off 2 boxes. 60 series and a diesel. Has anyone dealt with Land Cruiser Mart? The posting doesn’t have the worlds greatest photos, but is anybody seeing...
  6. DoughNut

    Trail Tailor Rear bumper

    Christmas has come in March!! My rear bumper arrived today. I can’t get it into the powder coating shop for a few weeks 😢 😢 😢. 100% worth the wait. The welds look great and it’s super beefy. Don’t judge me by mess in my garage….
  7. DoughNut

    Damp Carpet 2nd row

    I am trying to chase down a leak on a 98 LC. The 2nd row drivers and passenger carpet is damp right by the pillar support. I checked the front sunroof drains and they are clear. My understanding is the rear sunroof drains drain all the way back by the rear cargo area, gonna check them as well...
  8. DoughNut

    Lower intake torque/ missing vacuum line

    I found the torque specs for the upper part of the intake manifold. Anybody know the torque spec for the lower piece? Where does this tie in? I obviously didn’t take enough photos before disassembling. Edit: Never-mind I’m an idiot. I got a little ahead of myself.
  9. DoughNut

    Thanks to all mud members.

    I decided to tackle a small leak this weekend on my coolant crossover pipe. Everything but the heater tees shipped in time for my weekend project. The hoses that go to the heater tees came off without any problems. Tees looked okay and my original thought process was “I’ll do them next weekend”...
  10. DoughNut

    SOLD Austin, TX- 100 series front bumper, and 3rd row seats

    Free to a good or abusive home. Front bumper from a 98’ 100 series. Has some wear and scratches. Not cracked or dented. Silver or champagne color as Toyota called it. Foam and bumper support included. 3rd row seats. Really great shape. Old man tan color.
  11. DoughNut

    For Sale Houston, TX/ 1995-80 Series No affiliation.
  12. DoughNut

    Rant- CV axels

    Aftermarket CV axels suck. Read the threads. 98% of them say to only use OEM. I read them, and thought I could be the “lucky” guy that got away with using non-OEM CV’s. Lesson learned, I’m not ‘that guy’. I successfully wasted 3 days of my life trying to make non-OEM axels work. Good news is...
  13. DoughNut

    Rear adjustable lower control arms

    I need some guidance here guys. I recently installed the Iron Man foam cell lift kit w/ diff drop on my 98. After the install I noticed a pretty hard vibration coming from the front end around 60-70mph only when accelerating. It goes away when you let off. I had a leaky driver side CV axle...
  14. DoughNut

    Looking for 100 series rear bumper w/tire carrier

    If any of you run across a 100 series rear bumper, please point them my way or message me. I cannot find a new/used rear in stock in the states. Everybody is at minimal 12-14 weeks out.
  15. DoughNut

    New to Austin area

    Anybody have a recommendation for a Sunday cruise around Austin? Just moved here and time stretch the LC’s legs tomorrow.
  16. DoughNut

    Wanted 100 series rear bumper

    Looking for ARB, Dobinsons or other brand 100 series rear bumper with tire carrier. In Texas, will travel.
  17. DoughNut

    Factory amp fuse

    Where is the fuse for the factory amp that is located under the passenger seat? Couple posts I read said to check there. I am missing the 12v constant supply to my head unit.
  18. DoughNut

    Dumb question

    What is this mounted on the frame rail and why doesn’t the other side have one? 48hrs into owning a LC. Go easy on me.
  19. DoughNut

    New to the club. Tips or trick where i should start??

    I am a newb when it comes to LC's. Just picked up a 98' 100 series LC with 322,000 miles. Mechanically she seems pretty solid. I have every service record from the 1 previous owner. Timing belt kit was installed at 295k. Due to the many many options out there, if this was your first build where...
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