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  1. OEMGUY0720

    SOLD 5x150 BORA Hub Centric Aluminum Wheel Spacer set for the Land Cruiser 100 series / Lexus LX 470 Las Vegas Nevada

    5x150 BORA Hub Centric Aluminum Wheel Spacer set for Land Cruiser 100 series / Lexus LX 470 Used but in 101% working order. 1.25” = 31.75mm thick. Aluminum construction. Made by BORA. Made in USA set of 4 pcs. 2 pieces front have hub centric cut outs to clear front hub flange. 2 pieces rear...
  2. OEMGUY0720

    For Sale Las Vegas NV, Factory LX470 side steps ($199 obo)

    •Factory original Lexus LX470 step boards •No dents, dings, scratches. •Newly painted with 2k clear (silver metallic: 1F7 code) •LED Underglow is 100% functional (see last photo) •All mounting legs are free from any distortion and/or damage. •Will fit 1998-2007 Lx470 and Land Cruiser models...
  3. OEMGUY0720

    Bent rear axle shaft causing leak?

    I’ve changed my rear axle seal + o-ring (driver side) 2x already. • did not get the the bearing replaced (no play and no noise) bec I don’t have a press as well at home • no weird noise from the rear driver side acle bearing • took out the diff breather to make sure the one-way air valve is not...
  4. OEMGUY0720

    Tailgate assist retrofit for 100 series (?)

    As the title describes, has anyone successfully done it on a 100 series? Looking to improve the backdated tech on our tailgates. On a 200 series: Thread Part number 67028-60010 Toyota Damper assy, back...
  5. OEMGUY0720

    For Sale Toyota 18-inch 5x150 lug pattern wheels for Tundra, Sequoia, LX and Land Cruiser 100/200 series Las Vegas NV

    Personal set quantity of 4 pcs authentic Toyota Wheels sold as lot/set only (4pcs) Specs: 18x8 Offset 60 Casted in Canada 🇨🇦 Structural condition: 10 out of 10 rating. No bents, no cracks, perfect structural condition, all center caps are tight w/o a broken clip Aesthetic condition: 8 out...
  6. OEMGUY0720

    Professional Automotive Detailer Las Vegas

    Hi, my name is Paul. If anyone here in Las Vegas is needing of a professional detailer, I will be glad of service. My forte are: paint correction, paint restoration and paint protection -ceramic coating to be specific. You may like and follow @theimmaculateautodetailing at facebook for now as...
  7. OEMGUY0720

    SOLD For TRADE only to 275/70R18

    I have 5pcs 285/70R17 BFG KM2 M/T tires with 70% - 80% life on it looking to only trade these to 275/70R18 All Terrains or Mud Terrains of the same life of 70% - 80% on it. No issues on the tires. All evenly threaded. Just straight swap. I intend to use my stock 18” wheels and prefer that look...
  8. OEMGUY0720

    Wanted Posting for a friend we are looking for a 2005-2012 Land Cruiser or LX470/LX570

    Good day gents! We are located in Las Vegas and willing to drive 100 miles give or take to purchase the vehicle you are offering. His budget is around at the $16,000 range depending on the condition. He got inspired from my LX and this is in preparation of our trips up in the mountains for snow...
  9. OEMGUY0720

    Wanted Used but in working/good condition Catalytic Converter for 2006 LX470 (the one with an O2 sensor socket with it)

    Gents if you have one, pls let me know, mine has failed I need one, passenger side Catalytic Converter for 2006 LX or LC.. Thanks, Paul
  10. OEMGUY0720

    End of Summer trail run anyone?

    Howdy gents! My family and I recently moved here in Las Vegas. I’m actually looking for a quick day trip off-road adventure to cap off the summer before school starts again. I have no idea what type and where are the good trails just near Las Vegas that can be explored on HT tyres. Will...
  11. OEMGUY0720

    Bad Spark Plugs? Engine stalls and won't start. CEL, VSC TRAC and VSC OFF lights. P0430 DTC <help>

    Earlier I was driving and the truck started to rumble / shake during acceleration coming off a stop light. Went into limp mode for 10 seconds and eventually engine stalled (no rpm at all on the guage). Thankfully I was able to bring it on the shoulder. Started it after 5 seconds and was able to...
  12. OEMGUY0720

    295/70R18 on LX470

    Hi everyone. I was trying to search for a similar topic with this but couldn't find any... I am planning to change tires soon, would like to max out the tire size uing OE 18" rims , was wondering if anybody has fitted a 295/70R18 Nitto Trail Grapplers or Cooper STT PROs. Will the 295/70R18...
  13. OEMGUY0720

    SOLD Wheel set from Tundra 285/65R18

    $450 set of 4 from Tundra with 285/65/R18 Has 60% life on the tires. plus shipping dm me you zip i can check for costing
  14. OEMGUY0720

    Brake Rotors and Pads Recommendation

    Gents, what will you recommend for brake rotors replacement or upgrade? I’ve read so many reviews but I want to hear first hand experience from you. Options I’ve read is as simple OE Rotors (part # 43512-60171) and Brake Pads replacement (part # 04466-60070). Or Bosch? Brembo? DBA? And for...
  15. OEMGUY0720

    UJZ100 and LX470 Skid Plate Pictures

    Ok guys pls post them up pls. Need some inspiration may it be steel or aluminum or composite or something custom made. 🥓
  16. OEMGUY0720

    No more DRL after changing high beam bulbs to LED

    I recently took out my high beam halogen Sylvana headlight bulbs for an LED bulb: I noticed the DRL disappeared. How can I put back the DRL? Wiring? Change to a different LED bulb? Would appreciate for someone who encountered this and what was your solution for this. Thanks in advance. 2006...
  17. OEMGUY0720

    Check Engine Light + VSC TRAC + VSC OFF 2006 LX470

    First of all a HUGE THANK YOU! to this forum I was able to learn a lot and put it in good use troubleshooting my newly acquired 2006 LX470. Took it home to Las Vegas from Houston TX 3rd of May. No CEL, all went well. May 4 CEL + VSC TRAC + VSC OFF went up. At this point I have no access yet to...
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