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  1. OwnerCS

    Failing Power Steering Rack Symptoms

    Replaced a weak power steering pump over the weekend. It did not have a huge amount of whine. The symptom was very little power assist (maybe 10% to 20%). Hard to steer around corners to the point of being dangerous to drive. Replaced a 4-month-old OEM pump and flushed the system...
  2. OwnerCS

    Toyota Trucks of Arkansas - Meet and Greet - Burns Park - July 23rd, 2022 - 9 AM till NOON

    SOLD OUT Saturday, July 23rd from 9 AM to NOON for another meet and greet. The last meeting was held in July of 2019.
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    Popped an outer CV axle ball carrier.

    Last weekend's trail carnage. It sure was a lot of fun. All that I need is a new end joint and boots. I guess these are sold separately. I think I can use something with a little longer travel for when I go full droop and airborne. The spare axle came in handy on this trip.
  4. OwnerCS

    Torsion Level Suspension History - Torsion Bar Advantage - The New 1954 Packard

    After watching this 1954 Packard Commercial, I'm really starting to appreciate our Torsion Bar suspension. Catch a view of an early Torsion Bar AHC type system on the new 1954 Packard. Ask the man who owns one...
  5. OwnerCS

    Weight Watchers - The over GVWR thread.

    I stopped at a weight station on the way home from the Lonestar Texas Toyota Jamboree to get a front/rear weight. Since I was out of the truck and standing beside the scales, the total running weight will be ~7,200 lbs. This has been my standing weight estimate when loaded for a trip or...
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    Crankshaft Pulley - Rubber Damper - Dry Rot and Separation [not mine just reporting]

    I'm starting to see cases of crankshaft pulley rubber damper dry rot and separation. This one was reported by a FB group user. I see this with older Tacomas (95-96) models that are well beyond 25 years old. I've experienced these before on other Japanese engines with over 20 years and...
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    Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area, Gilmer Texas April 28th - May 1st, 2022 The dates work for me to attend the Toyota Jamboree in Gilmer. Do we have any other IH8MUD members planning plan to attend?
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  9. OwnerCS

    A/C Clutch bearing feels dry. Replace the clutch and bearing or just install a new compressor?

    The A/C clutch bearing feels dry. It won't be long before it goes out. The A/C has been working very well. I've had no need to touch it since I bought it. I've been able to just swap in a new clutch on some of my other vehicles without removing the compressor. A new OEM clutch kit is...
  10. OwnerCS

    One more whine to fix.

    Referencing some posts from a thread about a belt-driven whining noise, I think it is turning out to be it to the fan pulley. I can't spin the fan freely by hand to get enough RPM on it to make a noise. If I turn the fan by hand after it sits for an hour, the fan clutch turns before the fan...
  11. OwnerCS

    Transfer case rear seal leak

    With 244,000 miles, I guess it's time for a transfer case seal to start leaking. After each off-road trip, I check everything to look for issues. This week I found a drip from the rear seal. This is the only t-case leak at the moment. I change diff and xfer case fluids often. This just...
  12. OwnerCS

    Brown looking grease found on front axle splines and around bearings

    Approximately 18 months and 7,000 miles ago, the CV axles were replaced with new axle flanges, gaskets, c clips. The bearings had been replaced approximately 10,000 miles earlier by the previous owners. Fast forward 7,000 miles and monthly mud and water crossings where I decided to pull the...
  13. OwnerCS

    Sloopy Hang On - Build Thread

    I finally figured out a name for the 100 series. Now I can start a build thread -- 18 months later. Purchased January 2020. "Hang on Sloopy" you're in for some changes. July 2021 - 18 months later. Build details for follow.
  14. OwnerCS

    Automotive Racing Products (ARP) studs for a 100 series availability question.

    I've not been able to find these Automotive Racing Products (ARP) studs for a 100 series front axle yet. I sure like the way a star socket can be used to install or remove the stud. These are available for 80 series and earlier. If anyone knows of an ARP stud with the star end for the 100...
  15. OwnerCS

    Power Steering Pump - 1 of 2 Short Bolts - Part Numbers - 1999 Model

    After pulling my PS pump, one of the two short bolts looks a little crusty. No idea what happened to it. I'm having trouble finding the part number for one of the (2) short bolts. The long bolt is fine. I called my Toyota parts dept and they can't find the part number. Does anyone...
  16. OwnerCS

    Another Power Steering Pump - 4 Month Program

    I've searched around for a video about changing the PS pump on a fully functional 100 series and found the one listed below. I removed and reinstalled the pump last year when I had the radiator out as part of the PS rack refresh. It was easy last year because I had already everything torn...
  17. OwnerCS

    Dorman PS Cap vs. OEM - Pictures

    Without going into a long and painful story, I found the Dorman PS reservoir cap in a loose position that allowed dust and mud to be sucked up into the system. The little micro screen appears to have clogged, the fluid starved pump started whining, here come problems. It appears the pump...
  18. OwnerCS

    Power Steering Pump Whine and Scream

    Somewhere in the last 200 miles of my 2,000 mile round trip to and from CO, the power steering pump developed a loud whine. The whine really gets loud and turns into a scream when I turn the steering wheel. Note that approximately 1 year ago a new rack, hoses, and reservoir were installed...
  19. OwnerCS

    Transmission drain plug stripped.

    When I trying to remove the transmission drain plug, it was harder than it should have been. The more I loosened it, the tighter it became. Once I was able to remove the drain plug, the threads on the end are gone. I can't find any tap that will the threads. It looks like I may be in for...
  20. OwnerCS

    New stickers creating a stir across other Toyota sites.

    I see this picture making the rounds across other Toyota truck sites like Tacoma World. The only thing missing is a link for Tacoma and T4R owners to purchase. ;)
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