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  1. beanz2

    What happened to the Stickies??

    It appeared to have been deleted with the latest software upgrade. When I have time, I will clean up the chit chat in there and restore it. Dave
  2. beanz2

    1HDT ACSD replacement

    Posting this as a new thread to make it easier to search. My 1HDT has been clicking loudly from the area of the fuel pump when it is cold. When the engine is at normal operating temp, the clicking disappeared. Dana Adams told me his had the same problem and he disabled his Assist(?) Cold Start...
  3. beanz2

    1HD-T idle shake

    I somehow don't think this has to do with the ACSD. Mine was bad and I just replaced it (see separate thread) but the symptoms were completely different. Dave
  4. beanz2

    Narrowing an FZJ80 full floater

    I see. It must be a JDM vehicle. PS: My 1987 HJ75 also has factory rear discs, FF and cable lockers :) Dave
  5. beanz2

    transfer case compatibility

    Yes, but be sure to use the input gear that comes with the 1994 H55f. Shorter splines on 9104+ output shaft means you can't use the older input gear. Dave
  6. beanz2

    Narrowing an FZJ80 full floater

    Yep. WMS to WMS is roughly the same. Spring perch to perch is wider. Post 1992, until 1999. No factory disks in 70 series FF before May 1993. Five lugs came in 2000. Dave
  7. beanz2

    Narrowing an FZJ80 full floater

    Post 1992 70 series trucks have a disk brake FF rear option. Similar parking brake system as an 80, same width as a 40 series but a full floater. As rare as hens teeth in the US though. The interesting part is all the brake backing plate, hubs, rotors will swap directly with an 80 series rear...
  8. beanz2


    try this
  9. beanz2

    HZJ78 Troopie Side Lockers?

    There is not enough depth between the outer body panel and the interior panels for a jerry can. These spaces would make a great interior storage or for drinking water bladders though. Long Ranger of Australia makes a 180L replacement fuel tank as well as an 80L auxillary tank. The guys at...
  10. beanz2

    sticky rear door hinges

    thanks for the pics. If you need to tap all the way to the bottom of a blind hole, you can also use a "bottom tap" that is made for just that purpose. Dave
  11. beanz2

    sticky rear door hinges

    Nice tech. Got any pictures? Dave
  12. beanz2

    New 4 dr troopy

    Toyota watches the aftermarket industry closely. When the Trekker sold well in the late 70's in the US, they came up with the Surf/4Runner a few years later. After the Sunchaser conversion on Celicas, the next generation of Celicas offered convertible models. OEM bullbars came when they saw...
  13. beanz2

    Beautiful LJ78 Bad Hubs

    BJ44, thanks for the correction. Have you looked at possibly drilling and tapping the electrical holes to allow insertion of a stud there? Dave
  14. beanz2

    BJ 73 camper's

    Have a look at their website , maybe you can find links to the camper there. Dave
  15. beanz2

    Push Button 4x4 selection

    Oh, sorry, I meant to write change the entire transfer case, not the gearbox (transmission). Dave
  16. beanz2

    Push Button 4x4 selection

    Good, then the only issue is the idler shaft size. Early 1985 will have a 34 mm shaft, late 38mm. If the manual transfer is early 1985, you need to swap the entire box. Straight forward swap as there is not too many years of difference. The transfer shifter axis, which bolts on to the...
  17. beanz2

    Beautiful LJ78 Bad Hubs

    Electric locked wheel hubs are missing two studs present in the manual wheel hubs. It will bolt on with only four studs, but for strength, swap the wheel hubs from a local market cruiser. Dave
  18. beanz2

    Push Button 4x4 selection

    ellard, what year is the vacuum transfer case and what year is the manual? There are minor changes in the input shaft and seals along the line as well as a major idler shaft size change in late 1985. Dave
  19. beanz2

    Model Number Help?

    Rosco is right, in the pre-2000 70 series the second letter in the group after the hyphen refers to trim level. R - standard, N - LX, V - EX, etc. (The first letter refers to the transmission type) In the post-2000 70 series Toyota added two additional letters at the beginning of the group...
  20. beanz2

    fj73 clutch

    First be sure there is no air in the system, bleed and bleed again. The only adjustment is on the clutch master rod where it attaches to the pedal, you can move the clevis in and out by a little, but this doesn't usually get out of adjustment. Dave
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