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    1998 Tacoma Radiator Replacement

    I hope all is well folks. I need a recommendation for a radiator replacement on my 1st generation 1998 Tacoma. It has a manual tranny with a 2.7 liter engine. Looked at Rock Auto and it had a good list of radiators however it left me a little confused. Can anyone get me straight on the best...
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    Panel Source

    Gents, Has anyone purchased any panels from Real Steel Cruiser Parts lately? I tried hitting them by phone several times but was unable to make contact. I just wanted to make sure they were good to go. I hope everyone has a safe holiday. John
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    Wanted 1975 + Passenger Door Patch Wanted

    Gents, I am interested in a 1975 + passenger side, bottom door patch panel to fix a rust issue on my door found during restoration. This is on the rear bottom corner under the latch side of the door and not the hinge side. If anyone has a damaged door that is no longer viable but has a good...
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    Help on my Rig Before ordering Sheet Metal

    I posted this 71 40 on the Mud after making its purchase last year. I call it a Frankenstein 40 because it was assembled with so many late model parts by the previous owner(s). Crazy enough, it has ambulance doors that fit perfectly. Also late model front doors, a factory roll bar and short...
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    Rear Quarter Differences

    I'm getting to replace the quarters on my 1971. I'll probably have some bracing welded on my tub tomorrow sometime. I was looking at the quarters on CCOT and it states that the older models ('72 and older) have no gas tank cut out or marker light cut outs. Reckon I need a schooling on this...
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    Need Help With Identifying This Threaded Tab

    This is a pic of the front section of the driver side fender apron. Both left and right aprons have a threaded tab which is angled out. It doesn't look right and both may be bent. Can anyone advise what these threaded tabs are for and should the be bent at a 45 degree angle as depicted in my...
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    Now it Begins - NEW QUESTION

    I just sold my 98 Jeep Wrangler on Craig's List last week and good riddance. So, I just pulled my 1971 40 into an empty bay in the garage and slowly started tearing it down. This rig had a bunch of post 71 stuff on it so it's going to be a little challenge identifying the correct parts for...
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    For Sale 1965 FJ40 in SC - Not Mine But Worth a Look!

    Needs some love and has a SBC. Toyota FJ40 1965 ...PRICE REDUCED
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    Jump Seat Upholstery Vendor

    Fellows, I tried in to search around on the forum but was rolling snake eyes. Believe me, it's not the forum, it's me. Isn't there a mud vendor here that is selling a better quality grade of jump seat upholstery? I have the short jump seats that I just restored but they need new skin. I thought...
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    Grill Screen

    Starting to tear down the front of my 40 for a restoration. I removed the grill screen and noticed that the top of the screen had a gentle bend towards the engine bay. Should the grill screen be perfectly flat or is the screen manufactured with a bend? Being that this is my first 40, I'm really...
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    For Sale $21,000.00 in NH - Not Mine but Wish it Was

    I saw this listed on Craig's List and it doesn't look too bad. 1978 toyota landcruiser fj40 21 grand in Nashua, NH.
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    Front Drive Shaft Question

    Today I removed my front driveshaft for cleaning painting and universal replacement. So I separated the sliding yoke from the driveshaft so I could clean the old grease from the splines. While cleaning the recess at the base splines at the sliding yoke, I saw some sort of felt packing. I used a...
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    Wanted Ambulance Door Window Graft

    Gents, Greetings and I hope all is well. So I'm in the middle of a stripping my ambulance doors down as part of my frame off restoration. As you can see by the pictures, I have a small section at the bottom window frame that has rot, is rusted through and needs to be replaced. Does anyone...
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    Ambulance Door Repair

    I'm just getting ready to jump into a full restoration on my 71. I have taken my ambulance doors off and the left is in great shape and the right needs a new bottom; to include the outer skin. No rhyme nor reason, one's rotting and the other is fine. I've even run a fiber optic scope inside the...
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    Rear Fender Flares

    The 71 40 I own is sporting a set of rear fender flares which are riveted on to the body. I'm scratching my head but I don't think I see them going back on my restoration. Unless it was a factory addition. So were the rear fender flares factory options on certain years or models? I've ordered a...
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    Early Running Boards

    I'm trying to score an early 40, mostly as a parts vehicle. The body panels are not just corroded but are rotten. Looks like the hard top is pretty decent so if I get it at a fair price, I'll snag it because it's all there. I noticed that the poor old rig has the older style running boards that...
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    Wanted Front License Plate Bracket

    Greetings all, I'm looking for a decent used front license plate bracket for my 71. Let me know if you have one for sale with some numbers. Much thanks Gents, John
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    Ambulance Door Repair

    I'm getting ready to really tear into my 40 for a total restoration. I absolutely know what I'm getting myself into having done a total restoration on my 67 Mustang Fastback to include body, steering, drivetrain and paint. I realize this is a different bird so I'm doing a lot of mud reading...
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    This Hinge Bolt is Driving me Nuts

    I'm so green on 40's and I'm on a big learning curve as I start on my 71 restoration. I hope everyone bears with me through this process because I'm going to need massive Mud support. I've done muscle car restorations before and have a well rounded knowledge to include mechanical, body and...
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    Need a Settin' Straight on Running Boards for my 71

    I'm dismantling my 71 40 which has a some later parts on it. Guess you can call it a Heinz 57 of sorts but I still love the thing. I just pulled the running boards off and there are deep cosmetic rust pits that I don't want to deal with. The major problem is that there's a fair amount of rot...
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