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  1. Shoulderleen

    Reproduction Labels Project

    I’m working on reproduction labels for my 80. I’ll be posting what I make here for posterity. Might eventually sell these as a big set if people are interested. To start: engine bay fuse cover Transfer gear shifting instructions (work in progress): More to come!
  2. Shoulderleen

    Solved: Prismatic Powders Color Match for Oak/SEM Monterey

    I’m interested in powder coating some metal to match the factory oak color of the interior plastics of my ‘95. Has anyone gone through the $500 color match process with or found a powder that is an exact color match to Oak/SEM Color Coat Monterey? If not, I will pass the...
  3. Shoulderleen

    Question - Rear Diff Actuator Removal and Install Question - 1995 fzj80

    Hey all, I’m about to tackle service SA-109. Putting in a new diff lock actuator. My wrenching experience is limited to brake jobs, oil changes, interior tear-downs and some minor electronic/circuit repairs. I’ve gone with with the Aisin replacement for the locker since from what I understand...
  4. Shoulderleen

    ‘95 AC Computer Refurbishing

    Hello All, My AC works fine but sometimes I have to hit the buttons off and on a couple of times before the AC “clicks” into the mode I am setting it to. This is usually accompanied by the bulb for that particular mode flickering a bit before it finally clicks. Does anyone have experience...
  5. Shoulderleen


    Hey folks, I Found a great, clean well maintained, triple locked, '97 with 143k miles near me and the owner is asking $22k. owner has had it since 2002, the vehicle has lived in Colorado and Texas as a daily driver. serviced by the same Toyota technician for 16 years. I am going to see it in...
  6. Shoulderleen

    Wanted delete

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