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  1. light_duty

    Prado white smoke no power

    Added question: would a failed IP cause the check engine light to come on? I'm also looking at possible electrical issues.
  2. light_duty

    Prado white smoke no power

    Haven't posted here for a while. Glad to see the forum is still active and the same good folks are around. Anyway, I just had this exact same issue. Sudden loss of power (i.e. no throttle response at all), lots of white/gray smoke out the back. Oil pressure fine, turbo fine, no coolant loss...
  3. light_duty

    Part # request

    Wow, that was fast! Thanks Greg!
  4. light_duty

    Part # request

    Hi all, My EPC is crashed, and a search revealed nothing: would anyone be kind enough to find me a part# for a master brake cylinder for my '90 LJ78? Just wondering if there's a cross-reference to a North American model. Many thanks. Robin
  5. light_duty

    Looking at a 91 Prado. Any advice?

    '90 - '93 Prado = LJ78. It's the same thing.
  6. light_duty

    Looking at a 91 Prado. Any advice?

    First off, don't trust the odometer. At 48,000km the unit should show as almost new. Rough interior, broken handles and s*** like that suggest a rolled-back odo. Second, the third row seats on the Prado are useless for all but an agile 10-year-old. Do not buy an LJ78 for the 3rd row seats...
  7. light_duty

    Ecu Pin Out

    Rich, here's a wiring diagram for the LJ7*, RJ7*, BJ7* cruisers, European versions (1990). Might be of some help. The labels are in French but the wire colours are English.
  8. light_duty

    Ecu Pin Out

    Rich, you may have better luck over at There are lots of people on there who've swapped 2L-TEs out of JDM Hilux half-cuts into their minitrucks, and most of those folks will have dealt with wiring issues. You might want to start with a search and then follow it up with a...
  9. light_duty

    Import Prado Purchasing...

    Hmmm...well when it gets to the empty mark, I put 70L in it and drive 700km until it hits empty again. So that means I've got 20L in reserve? No wonder Denis talks about never running out of fuel!
  10. light_duty

    Import Prado Purchasing...

    78 also shares brake components with 80 series, including discs and calipers. Also, to answer backpacker's question, I get 10l/100km on the highway in my LJ78. I routinely exceed 700km on a tank, and it's a 70l tank, so that's how I arrived at those numbers. Around town I am probably close to...
  11. light_duty

    2LTE Timing belt question

    Just make sure they get it to #1 top dead center before removing the belt, and make sure the timing marks on the cam, crank, and fuel pump pulleys are vertical when re-installing. As long as they don't shift things while the belt's off, you're good. Are you doing the water pump while you've...
  12. light_duty

    Got it running sort of?

    I don't know much about the ECU, but from your description it does sound pooched. You can try to reset by disconnecting the battery for 15 minutes. I'm betting that your grey smoke and rough idle is caused by incomplete combustion due to incorrect injection timing. Isn't Wayne parting out one...
  13. light_duty

    2LTE Timing belt question

    On the 2L-TE you have to take pretty much everything off the front of the engine before you can get at the timing belt. It's a pain in the arse. I'm pretty sure even Wayne was charging more than 2 hrs on the 2L-TE timing belt. It's not difficult to do, but I don't know if I'd trust someone...
  14. light_duty

    help with 4 wheel drive

    Isn't it the case that with the LJ78 you can put on manual hubs from a Toyota mini-truck of similar vintage? I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere, but I don't remember where. If so, maybe the local wrecker would have some joy for you.
  15. light_duty

    VW Vanagon as a 2nd vehicle?

    There are kits that are commercially available for swapping in a 1600 diesel or TDI, if that interests you. It doesn't sound like a huge job. I'm selling my '90 Westy due to the fact that it is expensive to maintain, and I, too, like my LJ78 better. Anyway, if you're interested, send me a PM...
  16. light_duty

    what's a prado worth ?!

    There are some 2L-T and 2L-TEs in the states - lots of guys are doing conversions. Parts are available, if you're interested. You can get a complete engine from Jarco for probably $1500. You could get a 1KZ-TE from Jarco for probably just over $2000. So you do have options. Besides, there...
  17. light_duty

    Dreaded Prado 2.4l TD

    From a post taken from this thread: Search is your friend! From my notes the oil filters that will fit on this engine (2L-T or 2L-TE) are: Toyota 90915-30002 Toyo TO-1216M Terrain Tamer from Australia sold by...
  18. light_duty

    2L-TE Valve shims

    I got mine from 4 Wheel Auto in Edmonton. I think they were about $13 apiece.
  19. light_duty

    Filter, Battery, and ! lights....why wont they go out?

    Change the brushes on your alternator before rebuilding the thing...start cheap and work up, as Wayne always says.
  20. light_duty

    4.00$+ a gallon gas/diesel by summer......

    I paid 99 cents/litre last night, which works out to approx $4.00/gal. There's no retail biodiesel in my town, but rumors of a big biodiesel manufacturing facility being built just outside of town, so maybe that will change!
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