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  1. KeepCruzin

    Ford Loud hissing from exhaust pipe after 6.9 rebuild?

    Hi guys, I just finished a rebuild on my 1980's ford 6.9 diesel. Its naturally aspirated. I did a full rebuild, and the engine runs and drives. It smokes a lot more than it used to, but its got less than two miles on it. When the truck is running, there is a LOUD hissing from the tailpipe...
  2. KeepCruzin

    FJ40 12HT Swap & 60 Series Axles

    Hi everyone. I've finally gotten around to posting up a thread on my FJ40 build. Some background: I bought the 40 back in 2018 for $4,000. Originally I planned to put in a 12HT, but I couldn't find one. I went so far as to get a 6.3L LM7 V8 and all the adapter parts to put it in. In the...
  3. KeepCruzin

    Paint or Patina? Which should I do?

    PLEASE VOTE IN THE POLL!!! Hi everyone. I am doing a body-off on my FJ40. LS motor FJ62 axles Blast and paint frame Power steering All new electrical I am going to a LOT of effort on this project, and I don't know if I want to just preserve the patina and rock the classic, weathered look, or...
  4. KeepCruzin

    H55F --> Bellhousing alignment dowels? Cant find them anywhere.

    Hi guys. Im putting an H55F into my 40, and my new transmission didnt come with the alignment dowels that center it on the bellhousing. The old ones on my 4 speed are in very rough shape (trany was from a wrecker). If anyone knows where I could track down a set of alignment dowels/pins I would...
  5. KeepCruzin

    Rolling, extendable welding table build

    I wanted to make two welding/work tables that are mobile, adjustable, and can be extended. They turned out great.
  6. KeepCruzin

    Do all HJ61’s come with a cable locker?

    A simple question which I can’t find the answer to: Did all HJ61’s come with a factory cable operated rear locker? Or was this an occasional option? Many thanks guys.
  7. KeepCruzin

    12 volt tachometer option for 12HT?

    Hey guys, Im doing my third 12HT swap soon, this time into my fj40, and this time I want to go fully 12volt. I already have a replacement starter, alternator, AC pump and glowscreen solution that operate on 12volts. Im assuming that a 12volt starter will have the Umffff to turn the engine over...
  8. KeepCruzin

    Advice Wanted: Frame Swap

    Hello everyone. I am swapping a 12HT diesel into my FJ40 (this is my third swap so Ive got that part covered). Heres what I need help with: I am using a donor HJ61 from japan, which is right hand drive. The FJ40 is American, left hand drive. I want to use the entire drivetrain from the HJ61...
  9. KeepCruzin

    Advice Wanted: FJ40 + HJ61 RHD + LHD

    Hello everyone. I am swapping a 12HT diesel into my FJ40 (this is my third swap so Ive got that part covered). Heres what I need help with: I am using a donor HJ61 from japan, which is right hand drive. The FJ40 is American, left hand drive. I want to use the entire drivetrain from the...
  10. KeepCruzin

    Modular Shower/Water System Build

    My goal was to build a removable, standalone water system that would allow me to wash hands, dishes, etc, and take a warm, pressurized shower. My previous system was passable, but flawed. This is my third water system, and I think that this one is here to stay. The system: 7 gallon plastic RV...
  11. KeepCruzin

    How to get another inch of lift from OME springs?

    Hey guys. So I've had my OME springs under my 60 for about 7 years now, and with the added weight of the 12HT and the rear battery/extra crap in the back, the rig isnt as tall as she once was. I have heavy's in front and mediums (Im pretty sure.... might be heavy's) in the rear. Does anyone...
  12. KeepCruzin

    1HZ to H55F: How to do it?

    Hey guys, I am looking to swap a 1HZ-T into my FJ40, and want to put a 5 speed behind it. 1HZ's are a bit out of my wheelhouse as my experience is with 12HT's. Will a standard H55F bolt up to a 1HZ? Does it need a special bell housing or transmission input shaft? Any wisdom would be greatly...
  13. KeepCruzin

    LC#6 : 1970 FJ40- 4speed swap, resto-mod

    Hey guys. I finally got one. Im going to try to keep this thread picture heavy with minimal text. Here we go: Finally got an FJ40. Shes a 1970, all original that has been sitting in a back yard since 1993. Going to run it on the ranch for a while. Potentially an engine swap down the road...
  14. KeepCruzin

    12HT oil plug thread size?

    Hey guys, Im looking to get an EZ oil drain plug for my 12HT. But i dont know what the thread size is of the original drain plug. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TOYOTA
  15. KeepCruzin

    12HT Oil Pressure Problem?

    Hey guys. So iv had my 12HT in my FJ60 for about 5k miles now. My oil level is good (right on the F line) I fill with Rotella 15-40 every 3k miles. I recently replaced my oil pressure gauge (not the sending unit, the gauge in the dash) The gauge is from an FJ60 dash. The oil pressure...
  16. KeepCruzin

    Another 12HT Swap

    Hey guys. I am going to be documenting another 12HT swap at Mudrak Custom Cruisers in Sonoma. This wont be nearly as in-depth as my previous build/swap thread, but Ill do my best to keep you all posted on whats going on. Heres a link to my previous build/swap thread if your looking for more...
  17. KeepCruzin

    Eugene OR?

    Hey guys! I thought Id post this question here. Im 18, and next year will be attending University of Oregon in Eugene! Im from California, and cant live long without some cruiser contact. What clubs/organizations are there near Eugene? Any MUD members that have a shop or are especially...
  18. KeepCruzin

    Sticky Windows and Sticky Locks

    Hey guys, Just wanted to know if anyone has any tips on how to make the manual 60 windows glide up and down a bit easier. My drivers side gets worked daily and it goes like butter, but my passenger side is in bad enough shape it almost takes two hands to crank it. Any thoughts? My locks are...
  19. KeepCruzin

    How do YOU keep your 60 cool?

    Hey guys, I cant help but notice that out of all the cars Iv been in, land cruisers tend to accumulate the most interior heat the fastest. Ill leave my red 60 in a parking lot for 10 minutes on an average 75 degree California day, and come back to a blazing hot car. Iv returned to melted...
  20. KeepCruzin

    Problems with the Fleet of 60's

    Hey guys. My dad and I have collectively acquired 4 land cruisers: 3 FJ60's and 1 FJ80 My personal FJ60 is in its final stages of a 12HT swap, a link to which can be found in my signature On to the problems with the rest of the fleet My dads work 60 has spent all 120,000 miles of its life...
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