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  1. centerlineseal

    Wanted Bozeman MT looking for 1972 FJ40 Spare tire carrier

    Dave is "Good to Go"! Feel free to deal with in confidence.
  2. centerlineseal

    How long have you owned your Cruiser?

    This now belongs to my son. The yellow 1975 I bought 10 years ago, this past February.
  3. centerlineseal

    For Sale Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Front PS Wind Wing Window Frame Assembly 1963-1974

    If he doesn't respond, I probably have a pair of those off'n a 1970. Let me know and I'll go lookin'.
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  5. centerlineseal

    All you long-distance FJ40 drivers

    Hey There, ... Shout out to DomSmith! If you're deaf as a post (like I am) then a high volume rock and roll session cuts off most road noises! I regularly run 200-300 miles in my 40 on the highway, but I get more concerned about reliability as I get older. Helps that I'm retired and if I get...
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    Official Classifieds Thread

    Power Takeoff winch in Ontario
  7. centerlineseal

    Official Classifieds Thread

    FYI M100 or Bantam trailer, ... fairly good price. Not affiliated.
  8. centerlineseal

    Wanted Downey or Iron Pig Skid Plate for FJ40

    Jim Downey still makes these now and then.
  9. centerlineseal

    16" Steel Spare from a Tacoma on a 40?

    I'm curious about 17" on a 40 as well.
  10. centerlineseal

    16" Steel Spare from a Tacoma on a 40?

    I have the same question and currently run the same tires, albeit on disc brakes all around. Backspace may also be an issue. Hope you (we) get an answer.
  11. centerlineseal

    SOLD Western CO: ConFerr FJ40 rear tube bumper

    I have one of those and like it very much! GLWS
  12. centerlineseal

    35 inch tire AND wheel size - Photo

    Little bit of a thread heist, ... Anyone run 17" 4 runner (circa 2002) wheels on a 40? Our choices for 16" 35s seem marginal right now.
  13. centerlineseal

    1970 - 4O series Front Disc Brake Upgrade kit recommendations needed

    POSER here keeps this info top notch. Been done hundreds of times by members here using this TIMELESS info. These methods take some time and thought, ... we did our 1972 using Mini Truck front axle parts with Four Runner calipers and rotors. Flawless! My 1975 came with a kit installed by the...
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    What is the point of shackle reversal kits?

    That's too funny!
  15. centerlineseal

    1972 fj40 build thread

    Don't do that, ...we need you to remain a 'Mudder!
  16. centerlineseal

    Wanted WTB Spare Tire Carrier Catch FJ40

    I still have it. Hook area needs hardfacing and then a little grinding.
  17. centerlineseal

    FJ40/45 Who is this Overhead Console Manufacturer?

    That's pretty cool!
  18. centerlineseal

    Wanted WTB Spare Tire Carrier Catch FJ40

    Don't know. now I gotta' go look. I'll get back to you.
  19. centerlineseal

    SNLC shop

    Thanks for the update, ... We all hope you stay in good spirits and succeed here in Idaho.
  20. centerlineseal

    For Sale CRAIGSLIST BOISE ID 1972 FJ40

    Interesting. I'm constantly surprised by the frauds out there! Forgive the post.
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