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  1. tacocat

    The Ironpigs.

    I don’t own a 55, but I kind of want one.
  2. tacocat

    Repop fuel hardlines

    Does anybody have recommendations on who makes fuel hardlines for the 40? I’m missing the return hardline, and the small section that passes through the floor grommet. I can bend and cut my own from Nicopp or steel, but beading the end to make a barb for rubber hose and clamp is very cost...
  3. tacocat

    Turbo City EFI

    I’m grabbing for straws on this topic, but does anyone remember the Turbo City EFI? If I remember correctly, it was a generic EFI computer that could be used in multiple applications. The rig I’m looking at has one installed with a 350 SBC and a 4.3 V6 throttle body. Weird, I know.
  4. tacocat

    For Sale FJ45LV - Centralia, WA Not mine
  5. tacocat

    For Sale 1969 FJ40 - Redondo Beach, CA Show up at his place at your own risk! 😜
  6. tacocat

    For Sale 1963 FJ45 - Duchesne, Utah on KSL
  7. tacocat

    craigslist 1997 - Burlingame, CA. Not mine
  8. tacocat

    craigslist 1964 FJ45 SWB - Redding, CA

    Not mine, but someone please buy it so the temptation goes away.
  9. tacocat

    SOLD The Last LX450 - California

    If I don't start this now, I'll never get off my butt and do this, and I'll procrastinate on the final PM I want to do. #K294 #TRIPLELOCKEDOMGWTFLMFAOBBQsauce 3XLOCKED X L O C K OK, now that's out of the way.... The Last 1997 LX450 History: VIN ending 188450. Manufactured 12-97 The very...
  10. tacocat

    ABS Pigtail Repair

    I cracked the junction between the upper and lower portion of the ABS socket pigtail on the front knuckle while pulling the front springs. Does anyone know of a similar female socket from Metripack or OEM? I can fix the lower with epoxy and fix it, but a new lower socket would be stronger. On...
  11. tacocat

    SOLD Dobinson 3” 80 series Tapered Coils - CA

    $600 for the set C97-144VT - Variable Rate Tapered Coil (3.5” Front Heavy) C97-145VT - Variable Rate Tapered Coil (3” Rear Heavy) They’re excellent springs, but too tall for my needs. They have less than an oil change worth of miles. I’d consider swapping them for the shorter Dobinson 2.5...
  12. tacocat

    Lowering the Cruiser - Tapered back to OME

    I’m currently running the Dobinson Tapered Heavy springs on an LX450 that isn’t really that heavy right now, and I have this paired up with Icon 0”-3” shocks. Yes, I know they are short on droop, but I stumbled across the springs them after I ordered the shocks. I’ve been cleaning a set of...
  13. tacocat

    SOLD OME 2860 springs in California.

    I have three pairs of springs for sale. OME 2850 - Gone OME 2863 - Gone OME 2860 - Rear 80 or 100 Series 2” Medium Load. The Heavies need cleaning and repaint. I cleaned one off, but ended up with some Dobinson springs, so I never finished the job. The 2860 are almost new. I will be passing...
  14. tacocat

    Marks4WD ABS Relocator kit rotor replacement

    Hello owners of this kit, How did you swap out rotors? Is the preferred method using a slide hammer to remove the reluctor mounting boss, and reheating it in the oven to reinstall it?
  15. tacocat

    Ignition trim pieces

    Anyone know the part number for the ignition trim ring? I can only find parts diagrams that indicate it’s part of the lower dash panel. I’m also looking for the plug cover for the factory have throttle.
  16. tacocat

    FZJ80 vs FJ40

    I've been debating selling my LX450 and getting a 40 instead. I don't have kids and usually travel alone, as my wife seldom joins me. I often find the 80 to be too much vehicle (too big), but every Toyota build thread seems to be, "How can I make my non-80 be more like an 80 minus the lack of...
  17. tacocat

    Part out in Fresno, CA

    No affiliation. I just came across this.
  18. tacocat

    craigslist 1991 FJ80 project vehicle $1,000 in Central CA No affiliation, but this shop has killer rides!
  19. tacocat

    For Sale Clovis, CA OME 2860 Rear Medium Lift Springs

    OME 80 Series/100 Series Land Cruiser Rear Springs Medium Load (0LBS to GVW) - 2.0 to 2.5" Lift. I picked these springs up this summer. Original owner lightly used them before going with stock height springs. $100 shipped.
  20. tacocat

    The first and last 80 series built for the US market

    Before I take orbital sander or saw to my rig, I want to make sure this thing wasn't the last 80 series built. Rig: LX450 MFD Date: 12/97 VIN Sequence: 188450 Who has the earliest?
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