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    2020 200 for sale in Cary NC

    2020 200 for sale in Cary NC Silver with black leather Mint $31k miles No accidents and over maintained Asking $90 but $88 for club members or locals since you guys are are so cool to me :) I hope it's OK to post it here!
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    200 Series

    Hey Guys, I hope that you have been well - I am selling my 2020 200 series if anyone is interested. Located in Cary NC. 31k miles $88,000
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    For Sale 2020 200 Series 31k miles Silver with Black Leather $90,000 Cary NC

    2020 200 Series 31k miles Silver with Black Leather $90,000 Cary NC I bought it new Changed Oil more often than required - all service up to date No Accidents No problems No Damage, No Off Road and No modifications Non Smoker and No pets Has full set of weathetech floor mats and rear mat...
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    Air Compressor

    Whats up fellas I bought this Roller compressor for $1300 delivered and it's too big to lift up into a truck or move to my back yard Brand new - never turned on Willing to sell for $1150 firm Never been turned on - 6 month wait to get one 100 percent duty industrial compressor
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    For Sale Cary NC 2020 2000 Series 24k miles Silver with Black $95,000

    Cary NC 2020 2000 Series 24k miles Silver with Black $95,000 One Owner No accidents Non Smoker, No Pets $95,000
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    For Sale NC 2020 200 Series 13,000 miles very clean $83,000

    NC 2020 200 Series 13,000 miles very clean $83,000 No accidents, non smoker, no off road, no pets,
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    Toyota mechanic in Charlotte

    Hey Guys, Anyone in Charlotte recommend a Toyota shop for a friend to take his 88 4Runner too? I think he needs to get it analyzed with a 4 gas machine to see why it's running rich. Prolly just needs the mass air flow cleaned and maybe injectors but gotta get a baseline. I hope that you...
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    Ultrasonic Cleaners?

    Ultrasonic Cleaners? Anyone have one that works? I was thinking about something like this: Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning Systems
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    Anyone in Nova got a set of 33x125 BFG or similar that my buddy Steve (oogs) can see test fit on his truck? He just had Ryan put on Emu Dakkar and wants to just see how they look. Thanks!
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    For Sale Wire Brush for FJ40 Frame

    This is a rectangular wire brush that can be trimmed to fit INSIDE an FJ40 frame. I bought two, used one to prep for paint and it worked great. This one is new and unused. $40 bucks for the brush and handle. Shipping extra.
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    2016 worth the extra $$$ What is really different? Structure? Safety?

    subject says it all - 2016 worth the extra $$$ vs buying a used 2015 or What is really different? Structure? Safety? Aside from the aesthetics are the 2016 and newer trucks better structurally? I saw some blurbs about high strength steel in the A, B and C pillars as well as the rockers...
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    Cars and Coffee Great Falls Va?

    Who's up for some cars and coffee? I've seen a nice white 40 there a few times, a few others as well. Goes from 7 AM to 9 AM Some people arrive really early - like 6:30 AM if they want a good space. Katie's Cars & Coffee Bikes and Breakfast is kinda similar and out in Clifton Sunday AM...
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    Mud Ship Greenville NC to Raleigh or DC

    I'm trying to help a buddy get a spare tire carrier from Greenville SC to Raleigh NC so that I can haul it to DC or even better from the Greenville area straight to the DC metro area. Charlotte to Raleigh might work too if the seller can get it up there from Greenville. It's a large swing out...
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    Reality Check Needed In Durham

    Is this one of you guys?
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    Roofer and Framer needed in Cary

    I want to put a dormer on my house - anyone know a good carpenter with a framing crew? I also need a new roof - isn't there a guy who is a roofer? The guy with the FJ80 that had a 3FE with some issues? thanks!
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    100 and 200 series

    I'm thinking about buying a 100 series used or maybe a 200. I want side air bags so I was thinking about 2003? and newer. Any or you that has experience with the newer trucks have any pointers as to what to look for? What do these trucks sell for?
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    Cars and Coffee in Cary and Body Shop

    Cars and Coffee Anybody in? New Waverly place at 8 AM Also, I ripped the bumper off my van today backing up around a illegally truck. I don't know what is sadder, the fact I have a mini van or that I messed up a simple driving maneuver. Anyone know of a good body shop in Cary...
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    RC Crawler

    My son is about to turn 10 and I was thinking about getting him a RC crawler kit to build. Anyone have a kit or vendor to recommend? I want to buy a kit and have him build it from scratch to learn basic mechanical skills and direction reading skills. thanks!
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