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    Yes, it was as good as it looked. What's missing? gb
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    Campfire and Smokie

    Hey all. Planning an overnighter on Wed June 23rd at Chehalis North. The way up may involve Hale Creek, Sunrise Lake, a hike to the fire tower and/or checking out Lookout Lk. Or none of that if decisions are made otherwise at the air down spot. Most likely a 10:00 or 11:00 am meet at the...
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    Powell River - August Coastal Cruiser Camping

    Hello Coastal Cruisers. There is a new off-grid rustic campground just outside Powell River that is run by a Cruiserhead. While the current situation is fluid I plan on camping there this summer and exploring the area, including the back roads behind Powell River. Look for more discussion in...
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    Additives, Witches Brews and Snake Oil

    Out of a question in the Buy Sell Trade thread the idea for this thread came up. It might be interesting to list additives, witches brews and snake oils that folk have used and seen results with over the years. While opinions often differ and the market for snake oils can polarize, there are a...
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    Canadian Tire appears to have changed the formulation and/or changed suppliers for their house brand diesel oils. The number of different specs the formulation meets increased with that change, which now also includes JASO-DH2. It compares really close to Rotella and says developed with Shell...
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    Victron Blue Smart IP65 Battery Chargers

    One of the various brand battery chargers I have been using for a few years is NOCO. I’ve been happy with them overall. One experience last summer showed me what I consider a weakness for my usage. I was at a weekend summer concert in my 80 and camped in a full service campground. I brought the...
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    Thursday Meeting - Pub

    The Gilnetter is open at 1/2 seating capacity. No reservations. Anyone interested in getting a table? Max seating is six per table. gb
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    For Sale FJ/BJ/HJ60 BJ70 front and rear side markers NEW

    81760-90A00 81750-90A01 81740-90A01 81730-90A01 These are stamped 24V on the back, but change the bulb out to 12V and you're good to go for 12V applications. In the Toyota bags and are NEW. $140.00 USD plus any ride.
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    Feb 29th - Sylvester Rd Exploring with a Campfire and Smokie Stop Somewhere

    This coming Saturday. Sylvester Rd up to Kenyon and wherever the days exploration leads. Gary's leading and has suggested: 1st Muster at 10:00am Save-On-Foods/Cdn Tire parking lot by the theater in Mission. 2nd Muster Sylvester Rd fuel stop at the corner for an 11:00 departure. Cheers gb
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    Dec 28th 2019 Campfire and Smokie Day

    Confirmed for Saturday. Meet in Harrison on the main road along the beach between 10:00 and 11:00 on Esplanade Ave where the lagoon is. Departure is at 11:00. We will check out the area where Big Silver comes out to the lake to ensure space available for the group, then head to the river to...
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    SOLD 2H/12HT AC Bracket

    AC compressor mounting bracket as shown in the photos. $250.00 USD plus any ride. Shiping from Lower Mainland BC Canada.
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    Project Farm Youtube Videos

    Ya'll ever watch this guys videos? Some interesting testing he does and not sponsored by any of the products he tests. This video resulted in the Liquid Wrench in the club raffle. A few hours of entertainment and results if you're inclined to explore his channel. Project Farm
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    Lower Mainland 4x4 Toy Run & Food Drive Sunday Nov 24th 2019

    Any CC's interested in going? Plan is to set up at a spot with a fire for the day, volunteer as needed for the 4WDABC and enjoy the show (and bring a donation or two). gb
  15. Greg_B

    Nov 9th and 10th

    Hello all once again. Couple of options this weekend. For those who have been to the 4WDABC Toy Run at Stave you have seen some of the fun the Mudders have. This weekend (Saturday) is Muddageddon 2019. While IH8MUD I have had a blast watching those who build their rigs for the mud...The Dirt...
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    Nov 2nd and 3rd Plans

    Seems like the weather is presenting some opportunity so thinking of heading up to Clear Creek on Friday and depending on who all shows up and what folks want to do either staying the weekend or heading further north via the Kookipi for Saturday night somewhere. If you are going to come up...
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    Day Trip'n

    Went on a day trip up by Harrison yesterday. Started at the Saquatch Pub for 09:30. Went up to Secret Lake to start things off, then up behind Weaver Lake. At 16:30 we started back, stopping at Francis Lake (did a quick campsite cleanup in a few of the sites that needed it, but did not touch...
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    For Sale Used 24v-12v converter battery charger BCD600-32-12

    Not sure where to put this so figured the Diesel/JDM would make the most sense. If you have a 24V truck, have large 12V needs and want to charge a house battery this is a good option. 50 amp/600 watt two stage battery charger. I got it used. I have not used it other then to test it. I will...
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    2019 HITR Trail and Other Southern Environs

    The last of the group is back from our recent trip so here goes. We headed to Utah from BC to find a suitable spot to set up a Harrison wet weather tarp and found it at the base of one steep climb. Stayed an extra night on the trail to extend the experience some more. gb
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    LX450 and FZJ80 front fenders - Same or not?

    I have searched but have not seen the answer or am using the wrong key words. This is for a deflared 1994 FZJ(now HDJ)80 Has anyone fit a LX450 front fender onto a FZJ80 and is the sheet metal the same? Difference in flares or mudflaps don't matter as my 80 is deflared and I have the...
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