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    After market seats in a 70 Series

    Looking for some options / pictures of after market seats in a 70 series. No suspension bases to deal with but with the cost of rebuilding factory seats I am thinking some after marlket ones maybe the way to go . Who has them and what do you think ?
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    Wanted PTO Shafts for BJ 74

    I am looking for a drive shaft setup of a BJ 74. I have the winch and the PTO just need all the bits between.
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    PTO Winch Differences

    I am looking for a PTO Drive Shaft to suit a BJ74 and was wondering if they are the same as the 40 Series ? I have the Gearbox and the Winch and the mounting brackets are still on the chassis for the shaft bearings, just wondering if I can get on from a 40 or are they different ?
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    Wanted Snorkel for a BJ 74 ?

    Just thought I would ask if anyone has a snorkel for a BJ 74 they want to part with before I order a new one.
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    JDM Vehicle reports ?

    Hi, does anyone have a source of information from past JDM Auctions ? I am looking for info on a BJ74 that was sold out of japan many years ago but everywhere I have looked has come up empty and I know some guys around her like to collect Auction results on LandCruisers so thought I would ask...
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    BJ 46 Vaccum 4WD Shift

    BJ 46 Vaccum 4WD Shift to show difference to 60 series etc . @Living in the Past
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    Building the BAT BJ46 MVC - OME / Fox Fitted

    For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the BJ46 based on many years of ownership of a BJ42 and always dreaming of just a bit more room. Now when it comes to Googling for info on a BJ46 there really isn't that many details out there and when you do google one of the Top hits...
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    Hyperflex Arms and Superior Links for my 80 Series Review.

    I thought I would put a post up about the Superior Engineering Hyperflex arms I am going to fit onto my 80 Series, currently it is all stock suspension wise and I have seen a few opinions about them so thought I would do a bit of a review as I fit them. I bought the Arms out of Australia and...
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    craigslist XX

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    Builds FJZ -> HDJ -> 1HDT, 5 Speed, Locked, Lifted and Loved 80 Series Build - PTO !

    When it came time to select my next ride I decided an 80 series was a good option but if it was going to be an 80 it needed to be a Diesel . So I started the hunt and came up empty handed as the few that I found didn't tick the box's and I resided myself to the fact I would need to go with a...
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    Wanted Old Style Rear Kaymar for 80 Series Land Cruiser

    I am looking for an Old Style 80 series rear bar and swing out if anyone has one they want to sell let me know. This style
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    Wanted Pre Heat Timer 1 HDT - 94 HDJ80 - 28521-17150

    I am looking for a Pre Heat Timer for a 1HDT Engine HDJ 80, 1994 model. It is the one behind the glove box and I believe the part number is 28521-17150 but I could be wrong.
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    For Sale Front Seats Splt and Rear Side Seats from 1980 Bj40 - Recovered

    These came out of a Bj40 1980 Model and have been recovered and are in good condition. It looks like when they did it they painted the frames etc and they look to be in good condition. Now seats are a funny thing and I have no real idea what they are worth as prices seem to be all over the...
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    For Sale BJ40 Fuel Tank - Under Seat Type

    I have a BJ40 fuel tank, no issues I know of was not leaking and looks to be fine. In my way sick of looking at it - $25 Location North County San Diego
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    For Sale Vintage Air - FJ40 LHD Complete Kit 751200

    I have a complete Vintage Air kit to suit an FJ40 with compressor, condenser etc. I did not get an engine mount as it was going onto a diesel. I was going to use it in a build but am no longer doing the build so no need to keep it any longer. It is the newer model 751200 Evap Kit with the...
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    Looking for info on an 80 Series PTO Setup

    I know this might be a long shot as there isn't much out there in google world but I am looking for some info on the Factory PTO Setup for an 80 Series . It looks like I have one on the way to fit onto my 80 series so any help would be great in locating a parts schematic or any details on it ...
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    Parting Out 1970 FJ 55 SOCAL

    Ok so I have ended up with a 1970 FJ55 that was originally at the Safari Park in Escondido. She has some character and might be able to help someone out with something they are looking for. I will be up front I am not much of a wrecker or shipper so would prefer local pickup but if you want...
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    Do FJ55s have a dual tank option ?

    I recently acquired a 70 FJ55 and it appears to have Dual fuel tanks with one above the spare wheel and one under the drivers side floor, they look factory was this an option ?
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    For Sale FJ 55 Parts in SOCAL !!

    No idea about any of it just don't see many FJ55 parts down this way so it may help someone out
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