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  1. Richfj60

    Cleaning up wiring- can you identify connectors?

    Hi all, I have an LS conversion and IMO some shortcuts were taken in the wiring. I am trying to clean up some (seemingly) abandoned wires. I believe that two of the sets are VSV sensors, but not sure. The old FJ62 ECU was removed, but I can't figure out what exactly these connectors/wires are...
  2. Richfj60

    Tricks to adjusting a 62 hood latch?

    Hello, my hood latch just gave up the ghost and I have purchased an aftermarket one but can't get it to work either. (OEM one on order). The issue is the primary latch will not catch. Any tips to get these things to work? Not understanding why the primary won't rotate down and catch. It...
  3. Richfj60

    FJ62 LSPV with FJ80 rear axle?

    Hi all, I am amidst my rear axle swap on my 62. Putting an 80 rear end with disk brakes and a locker. Question has come up regarding the Load Sensing Proportioning Valve. Should it stay or go? I've heard both sides. One its not necessary, and two, I should leave it. But will it work with...
  4. Richfj60

    Help with Fire Stik antenna for AM FM

    Hi all, Me again. I am replacing my old antenna (that doesn't work with new radio) with a Fire Stik (hopefully). I think I have found the 3' AM FM version, but had questions about how to mount it to the fender using the original bezel. My understanding g is that WagonGear and Wit's End used...
  5. Richfj60

    Wiring an E locker actuator

    Hi all, I am replacing my 62 axle with an 80 rear axle this week and was wondering if anyone has any advice for the wiring harness. I bought an Off-road Warehouse harness, just wondering where people put the harness into the cab for the switch. Its a nickel sized harness than needs to penetrate...
  6. Richfj60

    Aftermarket Tachometer issue-resolved

    Hi all, This may only pertain to a few of you and maybe more of a rant than a tip, but if it saves one guy the hours I spent, it will be worth it. First, I have an LS swap in my 62 and Autometer gauges. My tach wasn't working after a repair by Autometer. Just of it - You may need to boost...
  7. Richfj60

    80 rear axle in my 62

    Hi All, I am in the process of replacing my 62 rear axle with an '94 80 locker rear axle to match my 80 front end. I am going to use the existing OME leafs, so more of a budget build. I'm in the process of sorting everything out. For those of you that have gone down this path, a couple of...
  8. Richfj60

    Do Speedi-sleeves work on rear axle?

    Hi all, I have a 62, but putting an 80 locker rear axle out of a 94 in my truck. I bought a locked rear rear axle at the local salvage yard and am pulling apart to replace the seals, etc. They have some grooves in the axles from the seats, so I am considering putting speed-sleeves or...
  9. Richfj60

    keeping rear heater with LS Swap

    Has anyone kept the rear heater in their 62 with an LS swap? I would like to hook back up, but would like to see some pictures with the heater hose connector tins. Is it as simple as a tee on the feed side to the heater and a tee on the return? In other words, tee into the 5/8" heater line to...
  10. Richfj60

    BMW X5 seat install- seat wiring questions

    Hi all, I'm in the middle of an install of 2007 E70 Basic seats (no heat) in my 62. I wouldn't advise going this route, although the seats are really comfy. You have to do some fab to get them to fit and probably better options out there. More pictures to follow. I need some electrical...
  11. Richfj60

    Power to AC Amplifier?

    Hi All, I am trying to sort out my AC electrical on my 62 with LS swap (PO by passed the amplifier). Currently wired directly to the AC switch, bypassing the pressure switch and thermoresistor. I see the power wire (Black white) to the AC amplifier, but it is not energized when running (not...
  12. Richfj60

    Wanted FJ62 rear heater cover

    Hi All, looking for the plastic cover for the rear seat heater. It's the rear piece that has the vents in it. Mine got crushed. Preferably gray. Thanks
  13. Richfj60

    Are aftermarket hoods still available?

    Looking for a source of a new hood. I saw that SOR had them for $900 plus shipping, but would like to see if there are other options available. Had a mishap driving home yesterday and the latch didn't catch.
  14. Richfj60

    Wanted 62 glove box door

    Anyone have a glovebox door without a big dent from someone's knee that they'd be willing to sell me? PM me.
  15. Richfj60

    Door panel installation questions

    Hi all, I am putting my door panels on and have run into an issue that someone must have solved already. When I put on the butyl tape for the moisture barrier, I may have used too thick material or didn't get it in the right place because my door clips will not click in. Anyone else have this...
  16. Richfj60

    Wanted 89 FJ62 rear three point seat belts, receivers, and cover

    Hi, looking for a rear three point seat belt set up for my 62. Please pm me if you have a set you are willing to sell.
  17. Richfj60

    Has anyone solved the FJ62 stereo mounting bracket dilemma?

    Given the difficulty finding the side mounting brackets for the 62, has anyone come up with a different solution? Wondering if anyone had an easy work around? This seems to be a common issue
  18. Richfj60

    SOLD FJ62 Stereo mounting brackets

    Looking for a pair of Double Din mounting brackets. part 006-L, 006-R
  19. Richfj60

    Afternmarket seat heater switches

    I mentioned in a post on the @ChaseFJ60 Bezel switch plate build that I purchased a what I think is "more period correct" than the switches that come with Dorman seat heaters that I have purchased. To be clear, the seats are not installed, but I did install the switches in the plate that Chase...
  20. Richfj60

    For Sale NW WA- BMW E70 power front seats

    For sale 2008 BMW E70 power front seats. Bought for project, but not going to use. Black leather in very good condition. Power functions tested and working. Seats are wider than the BMW 3 series seats and will not direct fit the 60 series Torfab brackets without modifications. They will...
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