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  1. nonstopbike

    BaT CO: 87 BJ75 Troopy

    No affiliation. 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ75 Troop Carrier -
  2. nonstopbike

    craigslist OR/USA: '89 BJ74 $45kusd

    no affiliation.
  3. nonstopbike

    eBay Richmond, BC,CAN 1994 HZJ75 JDM Fire marshall truck

    no affiliation.
  4. nonstopbike

    BaT CA: No Reserve 85 RHD BJ70

    not affiliated with vehicle, site, or seller.
  5. nonstopbike

    BaT SC- 93 HDJ80

    Not affiliated with vehicle or seller.
  6. nonstopbike

    craigslist 2000 1HD-FT Troopy w/ alu-cab

    Not my vehicle and not affiliated. just posted up.
  7. nonstopbike

    craigslist CA- '91 HZJ73 -$25k

    Not affiliated with seller or vehicle, found via CL. Bear with me on the series type, as seller does not directly indicate.
  8. nonstopbike

    Spotted: Green Troopy in Beaverton/NW Portland

    Hey all, saw a Green troopy in NW Portland/Beaverton (near Sunset High) area the other week, and was meaning to drop a note on it an didn't. Not sure if they're a mud member or not. Had some general questions on the vehicle in case they were interested in selling, or just wanted to chat...
  9. nonstopbike

    craigslist '94 FJ75 LHD Troopy - $35k

    Not affiliated with vehicle or seller.
  10. nonstopbike

    Imported Diesel and Metro area DEQ

    Hey all, looking at purchasing a troopy with 1HZ motor, and curious if anyone else in the portland metro DEQ zone has had any issues with emission controls on an imported vehicle. I'm in Beaverton, so well within the confines of the 'VIP testing boundary'. Been reviewing the Diesel Opacity...
  11. nonstopbike

    For Sale '90 LHD FJ75 Troopy -Dealer

    Not my listing nor am I affiliated with the seller/vehicle. Appears to be a Venezuelan truck.
  12. nonstopbike

    craigslist '91 LC RHD/Auto Prado- Lake Stevens, WA

    Not affiliated with the vehicle or seller. Engine rods are 'bad'.
  13. nonstopbike

    eBay '94 KZJ78 Prado- RHD-$28,250

    Not affiliated with this vehicle or seller...
  14. nonstopbike

    eBay 93 'LJ78' LHD Yellow Camo -$32500

    Not affiliated with this vehicle or seller.
  15. nonstopbike

    eBay 85 BJ70 B3-T LHD

    Not affiliated with this vehicle or seller.
  16. nonstopbike

    For Sale Bend, OR - 1993 KZJ78 Prado Not affiliated with this vehicle, found via Bend CL while searching for my next vehicle.
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