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  1. Biff

    FREE: Two head rest for your 80: SOCAL AREA

    I have two head rest from my 80, if you need them send me a PM and you can stop by to pick them up. Color is grey/cloth matterial.
  2. Biff

    craigslist Trade 03 4runner For You Fj40/tc/yaris

    TRADE: 03 4runner 2wd 61,000 miles Ok I tried doing this with my old 80 and ended up selling it instead so I'm giving this another shot. I just bouahgt an FJ and its time to get rid of my 4runner. I'm open to trades for the following: FJ40 Scion TC KBB puts the 4runner at $15,000...
  3. Biff

    Hungrey Valley Run Memorial Day SOCAL

    Anybody up for a Hungrey valley run memorial day weekend. I'm anxious to get my new FJ dirty.
  4. Biff

    My new 08 TT FJ, what do you think?

    Hello Gents, It's been a while since I've been on mud been busy working on my FJ40. Anyways I was lured by the FJ and got this beauty, just wanted to share. Let the mods begin:D
  5. Biff

    WTS: 80s stuff

    You pay actual shipping or you can pick up if you are in socal 1. ARB rear back up light comes with ARB stock harness $65 Lug Wrenches $7 each Three phh kits SOLD INDIVIDUALLY $14 each used mass air flow sensor pulled from a 94, still works had it as spare $40...
  6. Biff

    Hi Lift 60" and Slider Adapter

  7. Biff

    WTS: ARB Bull Bar with J01 lights

  8. Biff

    WTS: 3rd row seats CHEAP!!!

    $79.99 and they are yours Grey CLOTH out of my 94 Will ship on your dime. Los Angeles area pm me if you want them
  9. Biff

    WTS: 2nd Battery kit

    WTS: 2nd Battery kit OPEN FOR TRADES SOLD PENDING FUNDS located in Los Angeles Here is what you get Relay battery switch battery tray Slee relocation kit 2 gage welding cable about 20 ft...
  10. Biff

    WTS: 94 80 $7500 ARB LOCKERS/OME LIFT/4:56 gears

  11. Biff

    Wanted WTB: Rear Bumperettes for 94 LC

    Looking for rear bumperrettes for my 80, pm me if you have them. Thanks
  12. Biff

    WTS: Hanna Sliders & Rear Bumper

    WTS: Hanna Sliders & Rear Bumper + ARB Deluxe w/Ac dryer skid Sliders Are Sold Rear Bumper Is Sold
  13. Biff

    Adjust your LSPV today, might save you $$$

    So I had this annoying braking issue coming from the rear brakes. Every time I came to a slow stop I would get this weird vibration, drove me crazy. Ofcourse just like any other good 80 owner I decided to self diagnoise(sp) the problem first off I tried 1. Replacing the...
  14. Biff

    LSPV LEAKEAGE- should I replace

    Was under my 80 yesterday and noticed the LSPV leaking from the boot, did a search on this and saw someones 91 having the same problems, but I figured I'd still post up for some opinions. Should I replace just the boot or all the internals.
  15. Biff

    ARB Compressor Cycle

    How often does an ARB compressor cycle when both lockers are engaged all day?
  16. Biff

    Overheated while running ac

    I checked a few threads on this but still wanted to put this out to get some feedback. This is the scenerio RIG: 1994 with 170k miles New Radiator, New Fan Clutch, New Thermastat Was stuck in traffic while running the ac for the first time in over a year. I noticed after...
  17. Biff

    NEW Trailer Tech Forum:

    Thanks to Woody, we now have a place to organize all our trailer tech info. As I learn more about trailers I will start an FAQ to help people along, but for now enjoy. :cheers:
  18. Biff

    Wanted Wtd: 1 Wheel Hub Cap For 94 Landcruiser

    I need one hub cap for a 94 Landcruiser, do not care what it looks like. Pm if you have one.
  19. Biff

    T-Max EW-10000HD Winch FOR SALE

    SOLD PM me if you want it.
  20. Biff

    ARB compressor blowing fuses

    Has anybody had this problem, and if so what did you do?
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