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    CDL issue - '96 LX450 - Resolved

    Editing this thread so my stupidity doesn't confuse someone else who stumbles upon this in the future. 1996 Lx450, 152k miles, NO front or rear lockers. CDL Dash Switch, Pin-7 Mod. 4WD High and Low work fine, but the CDL hasn't locked since the day I bought it. When shifting into 4WD Low, or...
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    Yet another CDL Issue

    Hey Mud, I've exhausted my troubleshooting skills on my CDL not engaging when it should. I have a 1996 LX450 (no locking front or rear diff) with 144.5k miles, stock aside from adding the factory dash CDL switch. When you turn the key to ACC and it does the bulb check, ABS lights up but the...
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    New LX450 Owner

    Hello, long time reader first time poster. Searching through 4 runners on CL to tackle the Ohio winters led to my stumbling upon of a 96 LX450 with 139k miles. No lockers, the body is rough (PO's son had it parked on a campus for 2 years), but the underbody is clean and she drives straight, not...
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