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  1. Biff

    New here, old Razorback with new but old 80

  2. Biff

    What Blind Spot?

    I'm on my 2nd FJ, the blind spots have made me a better driver.
  3. Biff

    spendy fjc

    Probablly $50k worth, but not what they were asking.
  4. Biff

    FREE: Two head rest for your 80: SOCAL AREA

    I have two head rest from my 80, if you need them send me a PM and you can stop by to pick them up. Color is grey/cloth matterial.
  5. Biff

    New Location for Aux Fuse Box

    Thats where I put mine. Easier to get at IMHO
  6. Biff

    Dome module

    I received my led's today. Excellent job, worth the money. Thanks for making these George. Pic of center with LED, and back without. Pic of both front and back with LED's
  7. Biff

    Dome module

    Ok I want these, put me down for two.
  8. Biff

    Dome module

    George, I will buy whatever you make for the FJ. Please pm me when you have something. I miss your led's on my old 80, and have been craving for a set on my FJ.
  9. Biff

    New FJ owner with a trail teams that gets horrible MPG!!

    I did, changed it to a TRD CAI. The mileage didn't really improve, just picked up a little bit of power.
  10. Biff

    New FJ owner with a trail teams that gets horrible MPG!!

    I have a similar setup on my TT, and still get 18-20mpg. Two things save my mileage, tire pressure, and keeping a consistant 65mph.
  11. Biff

    1994 FZJ80 ARB Lockers Metaltech OME 2.5 4.56 SoCal $6500

    This Saturday a whole bunch of FJ guys are meeting up. You should come out.
  12. Biff

    Friday July 25th, Miller Heep

    Thanks guys, it has been a while- got caught up in work for to long. Anyways I got a new rig- and wanted to get back in the game. Whole new set of MOD's to do:D
  13. Biff

    Friday July 25th, Miller Heep

    Damm, can this be done Saturday- peeps have to work. I have a new rig I'm itching to try out.
  14. Biff

    talked my wife out of her rubicon into an FJ!

    Check this one out. I paid 2k more for mine, wish I would have waited. 2008 Toyota Fj Cruiser 4DR 4WD AUTO (NATL)
  15. Biff

    1994 FZJ80 ARB Lockers Metaltech OME 2.5 4.56 SoCal $6500

    I miss the old girl. Wish I had the money and I'd buy her back from you, I spent it all on my new FJ. Free bump for you. Also don't forget the new windshield, new exahust. also the brakes are completely replaced(calipers,rotors,pads,)
  16. Biff

    TRD SE or TT SE? Which one?

    I'm bias
  17. Biff

    FJ Cruiser, Family friendly?????

    I have both a 4th gen 4runner and an FJ. My two kids 3 and 5 complain that they don't have enough room in the back of the FJ. The FJ has its advantages and dis advantages over the runner. One thing you have to be on top of are the suicide doors, make sure hands are in because you can...
  18. Biff

    craigslist Trade 03 4runner For You Fj40/tc/yaris

    TRADE: 03 4runner 2wd 61,000 miles Ok I tried doing this with my old 80 and ended up selling it instead so I'm giving this another shot. I just bouahgt an FJ and its time to get rid of my 4runner. I'm open to trades for the following: FJ40 Scion TC KBB puts the 4runner at $15,000...
  19. Biff

    Hungrey Valley Run Memorial Day SOCAL

    Will do.
  20. Biff

    ARB stuff on the FJ

    Very nice, I'm just staring my mods on my TT FJ. Good looking rear bumper.
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