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  1. Cdaniel

    A better fuel tank connection?

    Has anyone out there come up with a way to connect a more robust tubing to the fuel tank supply? Something less prone to kink or collapse than the standard 5/16 rubber fuel hose. AN adapter? Push lock adapter?
  2. Cdaniel

    FJ40 lift springs free to good home

    A pair of 2 inch and a pair of 4 inch if I remember correctly. Yours for the taking or next stop is scrap yard
  3. Cdaniel

    2016 kick off of the 7th year of Rock Land

    Rock Land starts 2016 at one of our favorite East Valley joints What The Hell Bar & Grill 7303 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85207 Earlier start time too. 8pm on Saturday 1/9/16 Same great WTH fun, food and drink. Lets Rock!
  4. Cdaniel

    Bilstien bunch, school me

    What is the appreciable difference between 5100 and 5125 model?
  5. Cdaniel

    After meeting activities?

    I can't make the meet, but would love to see some off road fans out west this Friday. Rock Land starts at 9 10/16/15 Kimmyz On Greenway Rock & Roll Bar & Grill 5930 W Greenway Rd, Glendale, Arizona 85306
  6. Cdaniel

    Baja Joes summer fun

    Ok kids, last chance this summer to catch a Rock Land extravaganza in the east valley! Join us this Friday night at Baja Joes Mexican Cantina Good food at this joint. Have some dinner and a Rock & Roll evening with a Margarita chaser :) 1927 N. Gilbert Rd, Mesa, AZ 85203 Baja Joe's Mexican...
  7. Cdaniel

    Annual Okelly's stop for Rock Land

    It's been a long while, but the Rock Land gang will be heading to Okelly's in Mesa this Saturday to start August off right! Join Us? 2120 W. Guadalupe In Mesa.....
  8. Cdaniel

    West side party this Saturday night!

    More Rock Land Band Spam. Back in the avenues on 5/16/15 Kimmyz On Greenway Rock & Roll Bar & Grill 5930 W. Greenway Road, Glendale, Arizona 85306
  9. Cdaniel

    R.I.P. Carl Miller

    AKA Bluesdog. :(
  10. Cdaniel

    Rock Land Band needs your help....

    After many many moons of trying, the Rock Land Band is finally getting the opportunity to take the Stage at Jerseys in Chandler. So come help us out my minions! We would love to have a bunch of thirsty and hungry Rock Land fans invade Jerseys this Friday 5/8/15. On the SE corner of Kyrene and...
  11. Cdaniel

    looking for a small job electrician

    Didn't see anything specific in the member services thread. Need someone to do a little outdoor conduit run. To code. Anyone in the biz?
  12. Cdaniel

    last minute rock show in the north Valley

    Rock Land Is filling in at the new Kimmyz at Tatum Point. Tatum and bell. SW corner mall. Come have a beer!
  13. Cdaniel

    Rock Land for the vets

    Rock Land is honored to be a part of this event 3/21/15 VFW hall 2125 S. Industrial Park Ave in Tempe A full day of festivities with Rock Land closing the night.
  14. Cdaniel

    More weekend Rocks on the Westside

    Rock Land show at a civilized hour! We start at 4 Bailey's Pub 3414 W Union Hills Dr, Suite 16, Phoenix, Arizona 85027
  15. Cdaniel

    Back in the east valley for some classic rocks

    Come one come all! The Rock Land Band returns to the best east valley venue going! What The Hell Bar & Grill. Great food, people and fun! Saturday 3/7/15.
  16. Cdaniel

    2015 Rockin begins 1/9/15

    After a bit of a hiatus due to illness and holidays, Rock Land Starts the new year off at Baja Joes! Friday 1/9/15 9 p.m. Good food! Better music!
  17. Cdaniel

    East valley tire balancing without big brother?

    So discount tire won't Re balance my tires because they're too old. Not ready to drop a kilobuck on new shoes right now. Anyone know of a shop that will do it?
  18. Cdaniel

    Wanted looking for swaybar parts

    Currie antirock or offroad engineering, at least 40 inches long and at least 12" center to center on the arms.
  19. Cdaniel

    R.L.B. WTH B&G 11/8/14

    WTH does it mean? Rock Land Band What The Hell Bar and Grill This Saturday, 9 pm. 7303 E. Main in Mesa. Good food, good staff, good music in the the best live music venue in the east valley. Have you been CANCELLED!
  20. Cdaniel

    Pre Halloween Rock N Roll in the Tuke!

    CK's Tavern Saturday 10/25/14. Rock Land returns to the worlds biggest Cul De Sac, Ahwatukee. 4142 E Chandler Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85048 9:30 pm Join us?
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