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    180k, new ahc globes, pressure adjustment via tech stream and torsion adjustment, rear spring spacers, new fluid. What I've noticed is some "jerking " while the ahc is adjusting. Any ideas on what it may be? Seems to be the rear, possibly a bad ram?
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    For Sale NC BFG K02 275 60 20

    4 tires for sale 275 60 20 k02 tires. Worst wear is on shoulder of a couple but some decent tread left. Located NC 27325 $100 FIRM WILL DELIVER UP TO 60 MILES FOR 50C/MILE
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    For Sale NC 2000 LX470 Parts

    2000 Lx470 wheels/tires. Tires Michelin LTX, good tread 5(spare is old and would replace) $500 OEM Roof rack $150 Front bumper/foam/metal support $250 2nd row carpet $50 WILL NOT SHIP, MEET WITHIN REASONABLE DISTANCE FROM 27325
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    Parting Out 2000 LC LKQ RALEIGH

    2000 LC at LKQ RALEIGH, hit in the front. I was able to get some rear panels for my LX that are messed up. Lots of parts left...just a FYI if it's against the rules, sorry
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    VICTORY ROOF RACK/Quick roof rack question

    Should i leave these tabs or just bolt straight on? The lx470 2 out of the 3 mounting points are "blind" aka under the oem drip rail cover. The oem rack has these metal tabs on the mounting points. For the rail guess I will rig this up for now but end up buying a landcruiser drip rail cover as...
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    For Sale North Carolina LX470 wheels and Tundra/LC? Wheels

    2 of each with tires, 4 total. 2 are definitely 2006 lx470 wheels, the other 2 I'm not 100% sure. $150 each, will deliver within 60 miles of 27325 for asking price. Good shape, bought as a set but 2 are different wheels so I'm breaking them up. Will get pictures up tomorrow. Thanks Jason
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    LX470 Purchase Questions/ BUILD THREAD

    I've wanted a LC or LX for a long time. I've been keeping an eye on prices and I t hink now is the time. If anything I'm late but I digress. Anyways I did a PPI on a 00 LX470 yesterday and have a few questions. Please bear with me as I know there is a ton of info on this site but I have a...
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