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    Anyone ever used a manual to semi automatic conversion kit?

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried this or know of a member, that could convert a 5 speed manual into a semi automatic... thanks
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    1HDT vs 1HZ engine... parts availability here in the USA

    Hi Forum, If I understand it correctly the 1HZ is a more common engine globally than the 1HDT, so does that mean it's very easy to get parts for it here in the USA? Are 1HDT parts harder to come by?? and more expensive? thanks
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    Shop recommendation: 1-HDT into 40 series w/ automatic transmission

    So I've got a BJ42, that I'd like to drop a 1-HDT into w/ automatic transmission. I didn't think an automatic transmission could fit, yet after seeing this shop in Japan do it... I'd like to find a competent shop here in the US that could do this swap for me. Here's the video in case you want...
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    Anyone near NYC with a automatic HZJ73?

    I'd love to ride or test drive one... I know everyone says the automatic transmission is slow... but I'd like to get a first hand experience... Anyone know of or have one near NYC? Should I ask for winning lottery numbers instead? (better odds lol) thanks
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    Wanted 1990 HZJ73

    Looking for buy an automatic 89/90 HZJ73 or 74 (If it exists) Can't find one anywhere
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    Serious advice needed on this purchase

    Hi Guys I posted this in the diesel tech forum but it's a 60 series LC, so I thought I'd ask for help here too... There's an ebay sale up now, based on the pics and video, does it look...
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    1988 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ61 Land Cruiser 12HT Turbo Diesel Wagon

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on this via ebay. A few pics, a short video of the engine and a little bit more info via PMs... but not much more info given Would you buy this for 18k based on the ebay...
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    Automatic HJ61 12HT: MPG?

    Hey guys, I know MPG is always a tricky thing to get accurate... but do you think an HJ61 with factory automatic transmission will get 30mpg highway, 25mpg city? I'm thinking this is too optimistic, yes? The automatic transmission will eat up more power/fuel, yes? Thoughts?? thanks
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    Cottonland cruisers @ Moab: question

    Hi Guys On the ih8mud forum, there's a gallery section. The Cottonland Cruisers have a dedicated section, for the 2011 Moab event. page 7, top of the gallery pics, there are a couple of FJ40s with unusual bumper guards/headlight/grille guards.... Can anyone tell me more about them...
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    Can someone tell me what this is?

    Sorry for the Newb question, couldn't find this in the owners manual What is this?
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    Forgot the battery installation orientation

    Newb question: I replaced the car battery, forgot to remember orientation. On a 82 BJ42, I have the positive terminal close to the firewall negative terminal towards the radiator Couldn't find any diagrams in the field service manual Did I reinstall correctly? Everything starts up...
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    Newb "?" 900 CCA Costco battery

    Can one have a battery that is too strong? I just put in a 900 CCA costco battery, because the PO's battery died.... it was rated for 640 CCA Will any electrical issues arise from this upgrade? oh yeah, it was 90 bucks for those that are curious thanks
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    Non OEM steering wheels, let's see them!

    I'd like to see what you guys have done for alternative non-oem steering wheels... Anyone tried airbags? (didn't search :flipoff2:)
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    Anyone with suspension seats?

    Anyone have MasterCraft or Corbeau suspension seats? post pics please. If you had the money, would you get them? Or are they overkill for a 40 series DD?
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    Rayjay turbos?

    Anyone ever heard of this brand of turbo? Any general comments on the brand/company? I believe they were based out of Cali and they went out of business years back... Thanks
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    Low low compression numbers... need some advice please

    Hi Forum So a 82 3B BJ42 that I bought, (Still in Sydney AUS) just got back from the mechanic's over there.... they did a compression test and here are the numbers 161km on the engine 1: 750 kpa = 108 psi 2: 755 kpa = 109 psi 3: 755 kpa = 109 psi 4: 760 kpa = 110 psi I know the manual...
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    AltFuel Best WVO system for BJ42

    I can't seem to find the answers to my question in this forum, so here goes Is there an overall consensus about which WVO dual tank setup is best for a BJ42 3B? I've spoken with greasecar. They don't have a pre-made setup, it would be considered a custom job. I've looked at Frybrid...
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    Need help contacting Alex about importing

    I've sent Alex (resident expert on importing here) a PM , and I'm trying to get in touch with her... so far no luck Does anyone know if she's still frequenting the boards? Can someone PM me her email or company phone number? Thanks in advance Andre
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    Hello board, new owner/member! :)

    Well it looks as though a 82 BJ42 is hopefully on its journey to the US, NYC in particular. My very first Land Cruiser ever! I'm going to be asking more experienced members for some advice and help on this journey, and I'll try not to ask dumb questions. Wow, I'm so psyched! Here's a...
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    Availability of 13BT parts?

    I'm wondering if you guys can tell me if my thinking is correct. I'm thinking of purchasing my first ever LR , a 13BT in a FJ40, and after talking to members here on the boards, a LR local mechanic, and spector offroad my sense is that parts will be available for this engine for some time. I...
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