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    Another brake booster question

    A little back ground. It is a 1967 FJ40 with a 1976 front disk brake axel. It has a duel brake master and booster from a 1976 to 1980 FJ40. I ran it for about five years with rear drums, and everything worked fine except for the bi-yearly adjusments. Well this year the brakes did not work...
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    Wanted 4 speed nose cone

    Like the the title says, I am looking for a 4 speed nose cone for my transfer case. Thanks Albee
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    electrical question

    AAAAaaahhhhh My cruiser wont start. The other day I pull the cruiser into the shop to lube everything up and wire my blower, so I could have some heat. Well things worked out fine and lots of air blows. Today I go to start the cruise and it turns over just fine, but does not start. I got...
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    Wife was offered job in Burlington VT. Opinions please?

    Like the title says, my wife was offered a job that would require us to move. We have lived in MA. for the last nine years. I do not know very much about the area, and have only been there a few times on ski industry related bussiness trips. Any advice about the pro's and con's of living in...
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    My dog is an egg sucker

    I started catching him last fall. One day I called him, and he did not want to come. WTF So I yelled at him to come now. When he got close I saw that he had an unbroken egg in his mouth. Then I started watching the chicken coop, and sure enough he was taking eggs. Ok I raised the boxes the...
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    Wanted wanted one 33x9.5 bfg mt for a spare

    I just got a set of four new 33x9.5 BFG mt's and I need a spare. The closer to MA. the better. Thanks Albee
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    How do you tell if a H2O pump is bad on a sbc

    I have noticed that every time I start my cruiser up ,it leaks a little bit of anti freeze after I turn it off. It leaks out of the lower hose where it connects to the H2O pump. The leak has gotten worse, now it is a steady stream, even while it is running. Last week when I started it, the new...
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    Anoher Death Wobble thread

    My 1967' is almost at the end of a two year body off rebuild. When I drive about 30 mph the wobble starts. Some of the things that I have done are... *Sag power steering *Replace tie rods and ends *4 degree caster shims because of new 4" skyjacker spring lift *New U bolts *Upgraded to...
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    need advice setting knuckle preload

    I am in the process of rebuilding the knuckles on a 76' front axle. The drivers side went fine. On the pass side their were no shims under the steering arm on top of the knuckle, just one thick one on the bottom. Their is evidence that someone has been in there before ie. missing felt and some...
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    New Downey fj40 roll bar and cage kit in MA.

    This roll bar and front cage kit came with my fj40 when I bought it. It is brand new and has never been mounted. I did the metal tech thing, so I have no use for it. It is made out of 2"x1.25" tube. Local pick up please. $150 or trade for something cool. Thanks Albee
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    windshield wiper motor rebuild?

    One of the windshild wiper motors on my 67' fj40 runs really slow. Can I rebuild it or change the brushes or something? I know that when one of my skil saws slows down changing brushes maks it run like new. Thanks Albee
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    Tailgate installation

    Is their any rubber that goes between the hinges and the tub? What have others used to replace the rubber seal between the tailgate and the tub? When I took the tailgate off of my 67' fj40, I noticed that the hinges were all bent up. So I pounded them flat and painted them with the rest of the...
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    Wanted Pre 74' fj40 doors on east coast

    I am thinking about making a set of 1/2 doors for my fj40. Next week I am driving from MA. to D.C. so I could pick something up on the way. The cheaper the better, because I am going to cut them up anyway ThanksAlbee
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    best product or method for cleaning alum rims?

    Just like the title says, I would like too clean up a set of brushed alum rims before I put new tires on them. Any advice as to what will work best? Thanks Albee
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    Wanted old style fj40 doors for half door project

    As stated I would like to find a set of 73' or older doors to cut up, for an attempt at making half doors. Rust is ok. Thanks Albee
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    Looking for welding dvd for newb

    I have been thinking about getting a 110v mig. I really do not have much experence working with metal. I would like to put together my new metal tech cage. Then have a pro weld all of the joints. Since I have lots of animals like chickens, goats, horses and such there is lots of stuff that needs...
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    How do I measure back spacing on a rim?

    I am thinnking of buying a set of rims from a friend who does not know what the back spacing is. Do I need a 10" or 12" rim for 33"x12.5"x15" I know I need a six lug rim, but is 5.5" correct. thanks
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    BFG no longer makes MT 33x9.50 What is next best option?

    Pulled up to tire store today to get five new 33x9.50x15 MT's. They said we could only find four as BFG is not going to make that size anymore. Called around and had others tell me the same thing. Any other options that would fit on stock rims would be helpful. FJ40 w/sbc, 4"skyjacker lift and...
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    Best way to measure for new shocks?

    I want to get new shocks for my 67' fj40 with a new four inch skyjacker lift. What is the best way to measure for min and max length?
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    Found a 25 in a local junk yard today

    It looked pretty much unmolested. The only parts that I could find that were missing were the carb and rear tailgate. Not too rusty except the top. I really like the way the back door folds up on the track. If anyone is interested give me a shout and I will let you know where it is.
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